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ladyparts Episode 5: #Diary

When two chicks live together there’s bound to be some freaking tension,” said Susan B. Anthony in 1863. “But when they come together they can do super rad amazing things.” Just ask Miller and Jane, two roommates living in Los Angeles, struggling to make it as actresses in a town where everyone else is trying to do the same thing. Sure, they may mistakenly think a meth dealer on Craigslist is a movie director, and yeah, they may hire a transexual prostitute to teach them about getting into character, but everyone stumbles a little when they are learning to fly…  Just ask a bird… if you ever find one that can speak human or whatever. At the end of the day, Miller and Jane are just two friends looking out for each other as they navigate their courses through Hollywood and into your hearts.

#Diary: Jane finds Miller’s diary and is so impressed with what she reads that she insists on turning it into a movie, starring herself… as Miller!

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About the authors:

Samantha Ressler is an actress and avid “The Voice” viewer. Follow her on Twitter @JaneLadyParts or check out her other work at IMDB.

Courtney Falsey is an actress and cat owner. Follow her on Twitter @MillerLadyParts

Jake Nordwind is a comic living in Los Angeles. Check out his work at website.

Jason Orley is a writer and director who doesn’t use the internet and will never see this…Jason Orley sucks.

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