Lady Parts

ladyparts Episode 4: #prostitute

Courtney and Sam were two ballerinas looking for the perfect partners. Jake and Jason we’re two guys looking for girls to date. Neither group found what they were looking for but they did meet and create a web series. Check it out…

Also, check out Jane, Miller and Ramsey’s Video Chat Karaoke performance below of Sam Cooke’s ‘Wonderful World':

About the authors:

Samantha Ressler is an actress and avid The Voice viewer. Follow her on Twitter @JaneLadyParts or check out her other work at IMDB.

Courtney Falsey is an actress and cat owner. Follow her on Twitter @MillerLadyParts

Jake Nordwind is a comic living in Los Angeles. Check out his work at his website.

Jason Orley is writer and director who doesn’t use the internet and will never see this… Jason Orley sucks.

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  • Victor Saltykov

    do an episode where its like that movie where all the teenagers get killed on accident (Tucker and dale vs evil). except you give the whole redneck village makeovers. Broke back Hermes the return to Manila

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