Ladies Who Made Me Want to Dye My Hair

I never dyed my hair until I was 21. I was going to say I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair but I’m not sure that was true. I was allowed to get my ears pierced in 3rd grade after begging for it for years (I guess by the age of 8 my mom could safely say it was something I specifically wanted and not something being forced upon me) so I don’t know for sure that my parents would have forbidden me from dying my hair but since I never asked, I’ll never know.

When I first dyed my hair I went from brown to red. Then I did varying shades of red/sometimes more purple than red, then blonde, then back to brown until it finally all grew out and now I haven’t dyed my hair since I was probably 23.

I’m sure there are tons of reasons I started with red (including the fact that it was a color I could do at home) but one of the big reasons was definitely Tai from Clueless.

Every girl wants a makeover at one point or another and Tai’s looks like one of the most fun ones you could have including that epic hair flip in the tub.

In no particular order here are some other ladies who have made me want to dye my hair (for better or for worse).

Angela Chase/Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life

These two have the absolute perfect style. There was nothing I wanted more as a pre-teen than to dress like either of them (leaning closer to Angela Chase, of course) and just dye my hair and style it in interesting ways. I’m an Angela Chase/Lindsay Weir combo where I so wanted to be edgier than I was and was hoping I’d fulfill that dream in high school (spoiler alert: I didn’t).

Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim 

Is there anyone else you could think of except Ramona Flowers for hair dye envy? Between the books (do we call those comics? Graphic novels? I really don’t know but I love them regardless) and the movie we get to see so many hair colors on her. I had a dream of being her for Halloween and then had to think, “wait, I wouldn’t get to dye my hair, I’d need a wig because I’m not going to cut my hair like that” and it became too complicated and I gave up.

Clementine Kruczynski, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

When I say Eternal Sunshine had an impact on me, I mean there were months where I was watching this movie every week. You know? I seriously went and visited Montauk just because of this movie (but luckily it’s awesome out there). But Clementine’s hair is awesome. I’m obviously partial to the blue hair and I’ve always wanted to dye part of my hair blue. One of these days!

Anya, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I liked Anya’s hair changes in Buffy because it wasn’t wild color changes it was just that she changed the color kind of frequently and the style. And it always looked amazing. When I was dying my hair I just loved how easy it was to go in, dye it a new color and feel like a whole new person. (That sounded a lot less lame in my head but I think you get the idea). It’s an awesome, non-permanent way to change your look.

Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars


Before Alison’s disappearance/murder/mystery thing began Aria had wild pink hair! And it looks great! Whenever they flashback to these times you get to see “bad” Aria with bright pink streaks in her hair and I personally love that look so much on her. Solid choice, Past Aria!

Well, all this did was make me want to dye my hair, so, great! Which ladies made YOU want to dye your hair? Let me know, I need suggestions!

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  • Leslie Ricci

    Sharon Osborne! LOVE HER RED HAIR!!!

    • Erin Long

      Oooooh good one!

  • Mary Bolewitz

    I am the same way with dying my hair. After watching a lot of Doctor Who, I started to really like Karen Gillan’s style so I ended up dying my hair red like hers. She has gorgeous hair.

    • Erin Long

      Yet another reason why I need to finally see Doctor Who (don’t kill me!)

  • Karina Duran

    Angela Chase was my inspiration too when I dyed it red!

    • Erin Long

      Right?! So good!

  • Angie Bailey

    I’ve been dying my hair off and on since I was like… 16. I’ve had blonde, red, black, black with red (still a huge favorite of mine) and brown, which is my natural color. For years I’ve wanted to dye my hair a very bright blue a la Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I actually still plan on doing that!

    Bright CHERRY red, like, in your face cherry red is #2 because of Ariana Grande.

    Strawberry pink, a vivid rainbow of colors and black with purple are also “most do’s”. ^_^

    • Erin Long

      You’ve got a lot of work to do! Sounds awesome!

  • Leigh Clouse

    Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has fantastic dyed hair. I especially love it when it’s vibrantly pink. Oh and I love when Emma Stone dyes her hair red.

    • Erin Long

      Yeah the pink is so good!

  • Philippa Claire MacDuff

    I love your hair red! I was red on and off for years, currently brunette but have been purple, black, blonde, bleach blonde, pink, pastel pink, orange, and various combinations of those colours! Would love to go blue but wouldn’t put my hair through they torment of bleach again… trying to be kind to it these days with just semi-permanent dyes.

    • Erin Long

      Yeah, that’s definitely a problem with going lighter.

  • Melanie Broussalian

    Lea Michele’s ombre was the only reason why I ombre-d my hair. It looked SO gorgeous on her, so I HAD to do it :))

  • Meaghan BZ

    Ariana Grande. I love her red velvet hair so much. And I’m kind of obsessed with Amy Adams’ color, too.

  • Allison Frankfother

    Katy Perry! Although it’s not all because of her; I wanted blue hair ever since like, 6th grade! I love my blue hair – I’ve had it for like 2 1/2 months. It’s so much fun. It’s kind of an ombre – navy on top, turquoise on bottom. L O V E !

  • Ciara Gore

    I originally dyed my hair red because my hair is so dark that I couldn’t really go any other colour without bleaching it first (scary!!). Then I dyed it black because of Katy Perry (THE QUEEN!). It’s back to red now and I blame Angela Chase. I’m also very envious of Ariana Grande’s red hair… she looks like Ariel!

  • Sara Michaels

    Zooey Deschanel… her dark hair was perfect. So, I definitely sported that shade for a good year.

    And, Gwen Stefani. Just… because!

  • Stephani Richens

    It all started with Anne of Green Gables! I loved her red and was devastated to see the dye scene when I watched the movie. I’m partial to reds myself…I’ve been many varied shades (even Ronald McDonald red highlights) and recently have gone with a nutmeg(ish) color. I so need to dye my hair again, gotta go back to my copper love. But, alas it must wait until payday.

  • Felicia Tapper

    I too watched Eternal Sunshine on repeat for a while and ended up dying my hair orangey red partly because of Clementine. Sadly, I didn’t look as awesome as Kate Winslet with a massive outgrowth

  • Sarah Kate Khoury

    I Just dyed part of my hair blue, right above my right ear. I really like it, and it’s pretty easy to hide (it was my personal protest against exam week). I also dye my hair strawberry blond, I’m a natural brunet/blond. I have always wanted red hair, and as soon as I turned 18 I started to dye it red (like a red RED at first, but I’ve calmed down since then). I secretly want Ramona Flower’s hair, but I don’t think I could pull it off.

  • Ali Stangoe

    I dyed my hair blue this summer, was pretty cool but way cooler was when I dyed it bright reddish pink with purple streaks! I looked like a fuschia. Now I’m back to straight brown again.

  • Sarah Jean Banks

    I’ve dyed my hair red for as long as I can remeber – it started with my obsession with “My so called life”. I’ve also dyed it blonde, black, brown, purple, had blonde and black braids – but I’ve always gone back to Red (my pic however was the result of red on blonde after spending 2 weeks in chlorine and sun). Then Rhianna came along and did the red look, I found EVERYONE was dying their hair red after that. The amount of comments I had asking if I took Rhianna as inspiration – drove me mad. Answer is – no I did not. I dyded my hair bright red long before that umbrella girl came along. Rant over.

  • Barbara Paulina Troncoso Alcaya

    I love the hair of ramona :3

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