Ladies That Rock: Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson

Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson is somewhere in the Middle East right now, but that didn’t stop her (and “Sidewinder,” the 571st Air Force Band, 131 Bomb Wing) from throwing down this amazing cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling In the Deep’ that has the internet buzzing about the incredible talent coming from this badass set of pipes in camo gear.

It was a different air force that rocketed this buoyant rendition into the earholes of pop culture after someone posted it on YouTube, I found it via my pal Kat Arnett and already it’s reached as far as Mark Burnett and Carson Daly‘s office, both of whom have expressed interest in getting her an audition for a future season of their reality competition The Voice. There also may be appearances on GMA and Ellen in the near future.

Sudden notoriety notwithstanding, it’s clearly not about taking the easy road to fame for Staff Sgt. Johnson (found here on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter), who is a military intelligence analyst as well as being a wife (to husband Bobby) and full-time student in Nashville and says she serves in the Air National Guard because “I love the military and I’m tough.” But we’d argue she’s tender, too, with a soft spot for her dogs, a Jack Russell named Banjo and a dalmatian she rescued named – most appropriately for this site – Zoe.

As for what the future holds? In her own words on FB: “following my dreams as a singer/songwriter. If that doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll be a child psychologist. Dr. Johnson sounds nice. Or maybe I’ll just be a mom. Mommy sounds pretty awesome too :)”

“Pretty awesome” is what we all think you are, Staff Sergeant Johnson.

Video by AreYouSurprised on YouTube. Photo via Facebook

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