LA'd Episode 6 – "Malibu"

Note from “Malibu” director Molly Margraf…

Sitting on the sunbaked 405 makes you curse Los Angeles. Being on the LA’d set with Ellen and Ripley makes you fall in love with it. I had such a great time directing the “Malibu” date and watching the episode develop.  LA residents will feel a special affinity for this episode, but the predicament in “Malibu” also goes out to you New Yorkers who won’t go above 14th street- you know who you are- and anyone who has tried a long distance relationship and vowed never to do it again.  Or, if you just really enjoyed the Drew Barrymore/Justin Long RomCom Going The Distance.

Written by Ellen Etten
Directed by Molly Margraf
Shot by Tuan Quoc Le
Featuring: Ellen Etten, John Dewis, Ripley Rader
“Hey Boy” by The Blow,
“Hold on to the One” by Slightly Stoopid, “Believe” by The Dirty Heads
Produced by RedTent Entertainment

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