LA'd Episode 3- "Doctor"Ellen Etten

Note from LA’d Director and HelloGiggles contributor, the very funny Aisha Muharrar…

Ellen and Ripley are actress-producer hyphenate extraordinaires. I was super psyched when they asked me to direct “The Doctor.”  The date in this episode (played by John Forest) is definitely weird, but there’s also something sweet about him trying to impress Ellen. In my mind, they’ve overcome this ridiculous date and are now married with eight dogs and one baby.

Written by Ellen Etten
Directed by Aisha Muharrar
Shot by Tuan Quoc Le
Featuring: Ellen Etten, Ripley Rader, John Forest
“Hey Boy” by The Blow
Produced by RedTent Entertainment

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  • Ellen Etten

    I like that idea Mary! Thanks!

  • Mary Ellen Crowley

    I think you should go on another date with “The Doctor”, Ellen.
    Maybe you could double date with Ripley and The Comedy Writer…..
    love this episode.

  • Mary Ellen Crowley

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