LA'd Episode 2 – "Perfect"

Note from LA’d director and beloved HelloGiggles contributor Emily Halpern…

Ellen and Ripley really put the entire ‘LA’d’ series together – Ellen wrote a lot of funny scripts, they produced the episodes themselves, and went out and found directors. I was excited to work with them on ‘Perfect’, because their script showed the flip side of internet dating disasters. Instead of Ellen meeting some terrible guy, in ‘Perfect’ she meets the world’s greatest man and then totally ruins the date by letting her nerves (and many glasses of wine) get the best of her.

Enjoy….Here’s to getting LA’d on Hello Giggles!

Written by Ellen Etten

Directed by Emily Halpern

Shot by Tuan Quoc Le

Featuring: Ellen Etten, Ripley Rader, Sam Daly

“Hey Boy” by The Blow

Produced by RedTent Entertainment


  • Jacquie Phillips

    love the cringeworthy moment when she talks about virginity and being six years old! LOL

  • Matt Schaefer

    AFRICA. the ultimate “i’m a good person” word.

  • Meg Rader

    Love these real life exposé shorts! Want to see more!

  • Elizabeth Coronado

    I loved it! Can’t wait to see more episodes!

  • Virginia Larsen

    Can hardly wait for another episode of LA’d! Haven’t we all had too much wine?!
    Ginny Larsen

  • Mary Ellen Crowley

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  • Nate Parker

    I don’t know too much about dating in l.a but these episodes are very clever and have a unique commentary on relatable issues. Hope to see more!

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