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Lab Coats And Lady Parts: PhD Candidates Make Science Look Sexy

Did you guys ever see the “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” promo video that the European Union Commission made? I guess it was supposed to make science look sexy, since we apparently live in the ’50s and girls don’t want careers unless it means they get to wear lipstick and tight blouses. The EU spent $128,136 to produce the minute-long abomination, which made the girls in the video look like the result of a Weird Science / Education Connection ad jingle mash-up experiment, sponsored by Cover Girl’s new Exploding Make-Up line (now in neons).

There’s lot of open-mouthed laughing/smiling/acting surprised, a hot guy in a lab coat who looks like he’s never seen a lady before and then some sciencey stuff like bunsen burners and a giant transparent whiteboard. Oh and make-up. Lots and lots of make-up. In petri dishes. Because that screams lady scientists like a glitter-splattered periodic table of elements.

Angered by the demeaning nature of  the outrageously expensive ad  (Seriously. Did they have to like, buy the rights to a RuPaul song for that thing?) a bunch of actual PhD candidates in neuropsychology at the University of Bristol swooped in with their own $13 parody and a much better soundtrack. Set to “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” the girls parade around in tight dresses and lab coats, gawk over a blender explosion and do math problems on a mirror with lipstick. They even managed to get some of their totally adorable male peers involved. Lots of wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggle-ing (yeah!) ensued.

The women at Bristol called the EU out and showed us what real science ladies look like. And that they’re not only smart and sexy, but have a killer sense of humor. Oh and cosmetics go in bedpans, not petri dishes.