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Practice makes perfect for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in these behind-the-scenes "La La Land" pictures

Not gonna lie, this adorably staged photo of Chazelle yelling at Gosling, Stone, and the rest of the cast is so charming, we want to have it framed.

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Gosling and Stone are the face of this film but judging from these BTS pics, Chazelle seems like a pretty cool guy to hang out with, too, even *if* the side profile of his face kind of reminds us of Moriarty from Sherlock — just saying.

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Ugh, that Gosling intensity. *Insert one hundred heart eyes emojis* 😍

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Summit Entertainment

If you’re feeling that GOTTA DANCE itch right now, you can download La La Land on digital *right now,* and the DVD and Blu-Ray will land on shelves on April 25th. Here’s to those who dream!

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