Koalas are the New Cats

I have major cat problems. While I think the kitten cam is just totally adorable, those guys are going to be cats pretty soon and when they turn into cats, they’re going to dislike me and want to claw me. They can smell my fear with their little cat noses.The hard thing is that I can’t really stay away from cats no matter how much I try. There are tons of cat blogs and cat Twitters and books inspired by cat blogs, but guess what? It’s all going to come to an end, because koalas are the new cats.

Yep, it’s true. I’ve been monitoring the trend for, like, two weeks along with Arianna Huffington and probably other people, and now we all know what may have been right under your noses – it’s never been, about cats.

Koalas. They are cool, cute and definitely looking to be your new BFF. All koalas ask is that you give them ample time to sleep in their environments for like, 16 to 18 hours if that’s how much they need. I can relate to that. If I want to sleep for 14 hours under my down comforter in a dark, air conditioned room, then that’s what I’m going to do. Another relatable koala trait: they love snacks. They’ll nibble on straight up pounds of eucalyptus everyday for 3 out of the 5 hours they are awake. I’ve got mad respect for snackers and I know that koalas and I could share snack time together without fear that they’d try to get at my treats. They are leaves, guys. I’d prefer a pork belly taco.

Also koalas love to run – but not too far or too hard. If they can’t run at an enjoyable pace, they’ve had enough. That’s really the way I feel about cardiovascular activity, as well. Look at the video below. This koala just took a 22 hour “nap”, ran down a hallway and then called it a day. That’s a pretty ideal life right there.

Lastly, and this is really important, Koalas have built in pockets and really soft fur so it’s like they’re always wearing . I know we’d all get along.

Hopefully, you feel like you’re up on the new trend now. You’re welcome.


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