Kittens and Cupcakes

On Saturday night, I went to a birthday party that was described as a “kittens and cupcakes” sort of affair. There were literally kittens and cupcakes there. A fat little Siamese and a teacup persian (yes, they’re real) were the main attractions. Let’s get real here, besides a “Puppies and Brownies” party, there’s really nothing that can top “Kittens and Cupcakes.”

I love kittens. I love eating cupcakes. My life was made.

(I’m so interesting, aren’t I? These are the sort of crazy shenanigans that I get up to every weekend, in case you were wondering. I’m a party monster. As the oh-so-wise Ke$ha once said, “The party don’t start til’ I walk in.”)

No, this isn’t the only type of party that I go to, but I would estimate that it’s about 97.5% of what typically occurs in my life as far as partying goes. Give me an Alice in Wonderland tea party any day. But you know what? When I was doing my undergraduate degree, I actually felt kind of loser-y for not engaging in the typical college party scene. I will say that this was all coming from an internal place, it wasn’t even my friends telling me that I was missing out.

Then in the second half of my undergrad years, I got to do some of your more typical partying and I wasn’t all that impressed. Let me just clarify that this isn’t to rag on college parties. Some people have a lot of fun because that’s what their personalities find entertaining. Because of the way that I am, it’s just not environment that I get a lot of enjoyment out of. We’ve talked about my introversion, yes?

I’m glad that at least I got to try it, though. It kind of sucks to feel like you’re missing out. Then you go on to discover that, after all, it’s not something that you even particularly enjoy.

Frankly, I was surprised at myself for giving in to the college atmosphere (however, there are some awesome things that you should do in college). I always thought that I wasn’t prone to being influenced by my environment, but it turned out that I was. Granted, I was like 18-19 years old. For those of you that are that age, you’re going to be delighted by how much you change by the time you hit your early 20s.

I wouldn’t even call myself “weird” for liking a nice theme party or board game night. I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot of you out there that feel the same way. It’s all about personal preference. Mine just happens to be that I don’t find big parties enjoyable.  And, it was kind of awesome to realize that it was okay, and that I wasn’t missing out on anything.

So, for those college freshmen out there, if you don’t want to go to a frat party, don’t. Get a group of friends and do a “Knit and Bitch” session. If you want to play hacky-sack, do it. Watch weird cult movies with your friends. Watch Ryan Gosling’s crazy ex-girlfriend interview him. Do what you want to do, and don’t feel weird about it because you’re not the only one.

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