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Kitten – ‘Cut It Out'

They say youth is wasted on the young.  Well, whoever came up with that old adage never met Chloe Chaidez, the 17-year-old  lead singer of super cool new buzz-band, Kitten.  An LA native, Chloe has been playing in bands since she was 10. Yes, you read that right – 10.  Over the last three years while most kids would be studying for the SATs and stressing over prom, Chloe has been developing her unique presence as a songwriter and performer and honing her kick-ass personal style.  Kitten’s debut EP, Sunday School, garnered a lot of attention (rightly so – it rocks) and landed them front and center at career-making spots at CMJ and even the title of “Best New Discovery of SXSW” from Spin.

Kitten might sound like a band that would sing syrupy sweet songs about rainbows and unicorns, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  This Kitten’s got teeth.  Chloe’s songs are emotionally mature beyond her years and they have a rock prowess that is hard to find these days outside of the usual boy’s club.  Their live shows have people claiming that Chloe is the second coming of Iggy Pop, a comparison she is nothing if not proud of.

Their latest single, ‘Cut It Out’, off the new 6-song EP of the same name, shows a softer side of Kitten.  You can actually download the song and its B-side for FREE here.  Their usual heavy-hitting sound is toned down a bit but at the same time elevated.  It’s a sign of yet another evolution of this teen phenom and of all the extraordinary things I think we’re yet to see from her.  I don’t think I’ve ever found myself being envious of someone who can’t even vote yet, but color me green.

I caught up with Chloe while on tour for a quick interview to find out more about her band and her interesting life.  Check it out along with the video for ‘Cut It Out’ which just premiered this week below and let me know what you think of Kitten and their prodigious leader.

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You’ve been compared to Karen O, Cat Power and a slew of other bad-ass female rockers…for our HG readers who might not know you yet, how would you describe your sound and your dynamic live shows?

“People seem to be describing our sounds a mix between ’80s new wave, post punk and modern electronic music. There’s a lot of hooks, so the word “pop” shows up quite often as well.  Some people compare the live to show to old Iggy Pop gigs. I wasn’t around then but and I’d say that’s accurate. We try to give us much as we can live and put on a memorable show.”

You had your first group when you were only 10 and now you’re making a lot of waves with Kitten at 17. How do you think your age shapes the kind of music you are making? Do you ever get to just be a ‘regular’ teen and what does that mean for you?

“I honestly couldn’t say how I feel my age has shaped the kind of music I’m making, because its just something that I’ve very naturally grown up doing. I like to think my life isn’t that radically different from a ‘regular’ teenager’s.” 

Your dad and his musical background and specific tastes had a big influence on you. What 3 artists would you say had the most influence on Kitten and your new EP?

“My dad’s musical influence definitely set a nice foundation for me as a kid, but Kitten’s influences have been entirely different. If I had to narrow it down to 3 bands/artists that I feel influenced the new EP, the list would include Tears for Fears, M83 and New Order but if you asked me tomorrow, I might give you 3 different names.”

HelloGiggles readers are for the most part fellow young, empowered ladies. Do you have any advice for other musical hopefuls out there who might be aspiring to rock-stardom right now?

“Keep listening to and writing new music and try to stay excited about what you’re doing. That said, at my stage in the game, I don’t think I have the right to give much advice given that I am still learning myself.” 

You have a great sense of personal style, especially for someone your age – where do you think that comes from and what can you tell our readers about standing out from the crowd?

“Thank you! The band usually makes fun of the things I wear. To be honest, I love looking at fashion blogs and different designer’s websites. If you’re natural sense of style makes you stand out in a crowd, keep doing your thing. If not, don’t worry about it. You can always smell when a look is forced or contrived.