Kidstructive Criticism: Issues

Corey and Adina

Over the past few weeks, Adina, Ryan and Mia have advised me on dating, my wedding (TBD) and which celebrities reign supreme.  Today, we have a rigamarole of issues for you – all the advice any grown 31-year-old would ever need regarding hair dye, sports, Oprah and more.  Enjoy!!  More Kidstructive Criticism videos to come in the next few weeks, this time with a male perspective.  Stay tuned!

Photo by Nic Stanich

  • Lindsee Dickerson

    Hysterical video, awesome Ghostbusters top? Check and check. Love kid & adult humor!

  • Ivan Remtoula

    Really funny video, and you girls are really beautiful! I do mean it!

  • Katie Britt

    I am laughing out loud. Please give us more CoPo videos!

  • Max Podell

    This is hilarious… I love it… classic

  • Caroline Jeffery

    “isn’t it weird that you’re like 30 and i’m like 9… and we’re hanging out??” priceless observation, priceless reaction. =D

  • Danielle Thompson

    these kiddos have phenomenal wit! great video!

  • Roger Luchnick

    I have seen the future of comedy and it is Corey Podell.

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