Kidstructive Criticism: IssuesCorey Podell

Corey and Adina

Over the past few weeks, Adina, Ryan and Mia have advised me on dating, my wedding (TBD) and which celebrities reign supreme.  Today, we have a rigamarole of issues for you – all the advice any grown 31-year-old would ever need regarding hair dye, sports, Oprah and more.  Enjoy!!  More Kidstructive Criticism videos to come in the next few weeks, this time with a male perspective.  Stay tuned!

Photo by Nic Stanich


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  1. I have seen the future of comedy and it is Corey Podell.

  2. these kiddos have phenomenal wit! great video!

  3. “isn’t it weird that you’re like 30 and i’m like 9… and we’re hanging out??” priceless observation, priceless reaction. =D

  4. This is hilarious… I love it… classic

  5. I am laughing out loud. Please give us more CoPo videos!

  6. Really funny video, and you girls are really beautiful! I do mean it!

  7. Hysterical video, awesome Ghostbusters top? Check and check. Love kid & adult humor!