Kidstructive Criticism: Dating Part 2Corey Podell

Corey and Dash

We’re back with a new group of kid advisors on the dating scene! Despite Mia, Ryan, and Adina’s stellar dating, wedding and general life advice, I’m still spending most of my time watching Dance Moms and avoiding the gym.  So instead of taking action, I’m getting more advice, this time from a younger generation (5-year-olds instead of 9-year-olds) and with Roan and Dash’s male perspectives, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in the saddle and engaged in no time, or at least before my little sister’s wedding (6/1/2013).

Photo by Nic Stanich


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  2. This = the best.

  3. I used to ask kids what I should be when I grow up. Best response: “Fire truck” Obvs. Still working on it.