Kidstructive Criticism: Corey's Sister Gets Married

Corey & Dash

My little sister, five years my junior, is engaged.  And even though I still picture her as my smaller, more freckled and bouncier little shadow, I suppose she isn’t so little anymore. Jody’s fiance is a handsome doctor – an MD and PHd. Who went to Yale.  Who is over 6 feet tall and dedicated his 415 page dissertation to her. AND I’M TOTALLY COOL WITH ALL THAT.  Swear.

I love my little sister, and I love her fiancee Bill, or Dr. Bill as my parents refer to him (first doc of any sort in the family).  But I got into a verbal altercation with my last date, so I know that I’m miles away from tying the knot.  I’d at least like to have a date to my sister’s wedding by June 1, 2013, which doesn’t seem too crazy, right? RIGHT?!

Today, my kid friends help me accept the reality of this situation, but more importantly, they help me hatch a back up plan to steal Jody’s thunder if this love & light stuff doesn’t work.

Oh, and quick clarification: Her wedding is in a MEADOW not a BARN as I’ve learned since this shoot took place.

Photo by Nic Stanich.

  • Kate Dolack

    Corey, I loved this so much! Went over and checked out your other videos-equally hilarious! Hooray! Not dating related, but I remember when my seven year old niece saw me wearing eye glasses, she walked up to me and said, ‘you look really ugly with those. Take them off.’ Brutal honesty, as only a kid could offer.

  • Laura Fred Michael

    Its that girl wearing a gir t shirt!? RAD!

  • Paula M. Moncho Esteve

    hahaha I just loved this!!! 😀 and hey, if you don’t get a date for your sister’s wedding (which I’m sure you will) you could always rent one! ya know like in that movie “the wedding date” with Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney (HOOOOT!) and Amy Adams as the little sister getting married.. (if you haven’t seen this movie DO SO!!) who knows! maybe the hottie you rent turns out to be a sensitive fox who changes your life forever or something (that’d be aaaawesoooomeeeee)
    Or you could just take your dog (or a friend’s dog if you don’t have one..) just like that kid said 😀 (I’d totally do that)

  • Caroline Jeffery

    minnesota shout out! you’re welcome anytime corey! =D

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