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Kick your skin care regimen up a notch by adding grapeseed oil into your daily routine

Coconut oil? So 2016. Grapeseed oil is the new beneficial oil on the block. It’s super light and gentle on the skin, yet it’s very moisturizing. And oily-skinned ladies, don’t let this turn you away: Grapeseed oil is actually great for your skin type because it has acne-fighting powers and can help you minimize any scarring left behind from previous blemishes. Grapeseed oil can even help with tightening up your skin and helping it hold on to collagen, which makes it a fantastic anti-ager.

The bottom line? This stuff is the jam. It can also be found in plenty of beauty products around the web, including these 16 finds.

1Fresh Rice Dry Oil, $48


This wonderfully light oil contains a bunch of skin-loving ingredients along with the Grapeseed oil.

2 The Estée Edit Rescue Balm for Face + Body, $50 


We love that this hydrating balm can moisturize your face AND body.

3 JUICE BEAUTY Antioxidant Serum, $48 


Layer this serum before your moisturizer for an anti-aging boost.

4 Acura Organics Coconut & Argan Oil Towelettes, $6.95 

Thrive Market
Possibly the easiest way to give your skin a boost.

5 Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque, $3.49 


Who doesn’t love a good affordable product? Also, who doesn’t love a mask that literally PEELS OFF?

6 Merlot Natural Grape Seed Eye Cream, $13.99 


You KNOW you want those anti-aging effects under your eyes.

7 Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil, $26 


Great for your skin and smells delish? Sign us up.

8 Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, $110 

Pricey, but all-natural and great for your complexion.

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