Kick-Ass Things From 2012

10!… 9!… 8!… wait! 2012 is wrapping up, but let’s not jump into 2013 quite yet. First, let’s talk about some of the sublimely awesome things that happened this year. Spoiler alert: most of them were made possible by the internet.

RIP SOPA & PIPA: Remember those acronyms? It was almost a year ago that congress tabled these two bills. Over 13 million people showed their support to put these bills down, and the numbers did not go unnoticed. Had they not, embedding, sharing, posting – simple things we do every day – would be prohibited. The way we use the internet would be completely different. Had they not, I couldn’t add nice images to my posts. Like this one. #justbecause #sorrysopa #butnotreally

I’ll just leave this here.

Everything-mint: ShoeMint. JewelMint. HomeMint. StyleMint. It’s the Netflix of ____! The list goes on. And we love them all! For a monthly fee you’ll receive a shopping credit, have a personal closet chosen by stylists or score some great exclusive deals. The first rule of e-commerce in 2012? Your website must end in “-mint”.

Internet pups: Step aside, cats. Canine companions like TommyPom, Boo and Beast gave you a serious run for your cute this year. The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam even made a comeback. These dogs have a busier schedule than most humans! Don’t worry, internet cats, we still love you. But TommyPom sent me a sticker! Your move.

Stop it, TommyPom. But don’t.

Gifs: Sayonara, emoticons. There’s a new way to express yourself online, and it’s coming at you 10 frames per second. Animated gifs are nothing new, but they blew up this year, thanks to popular tumblrs like What Should We Call Me and some that are even more specific to cities, colleges and ways of life. Thank you, internet. I knew how I felt about that free cupcake, but I just didn’t know how to sum up what my face looked like. Until now.

Call me, maybe?: Thanks to Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘Call Me Maybe’ was everyone’s favorite summer anthem since ‘Party in the USA’. This song took confidence to a new level, and it became acceptable to casually ask people out with pop music. This song came out of nowhere, and nobody could resist it. Not even gentlemen of Harvard.

Any of you guys single? I live in Boston.

Ermahgerd: Ermahgerd! Merms! Thers yer, whern ernerthin rermahterler ferner herpernerd, ert bercerm a merm. Ernd erf wer wer lercker, the ermahgherd gerl herd sermahthin ter ser erbert ert.
Translation: Oh my god! Memes! This year, when anything remotely funny happened, it became a meme. And if we were lucky, the Ermahgerd girl had something to say about it.

Ermahgerd! Erm fermus!

Team USA: We laughed when it was good and we cried when Twitter spoiled the outcome of that night’s broadcast. The US Women’s Gymnastics team took home the gold and Ryan Lochte took his shirt off. What more could we ask for, besides the Queen parachuting from an airplane with James Bond? Oh, wait. It all happened, and it was all awesome.

President Obama is not impressed.

Jon’s Hamm: It didn’t quite grace us with its presence, but it did say hello in its own way. More than twice. I’ll let you do the Googling on this one. If Photoshop isn’t playing tricks on us, Jon Hamm’s long-time girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt is a lucky lady. Zou bisou bisou, indeed!

Hey, sexy lady: love it or loathe it, ‘Gangnam Style’ happened, and it’s stuck in your head now. Psy gave us another one of the year’s biggest and catchiest anthems. Everyone from MC Hammer to Glee got a piece of the action, but this was my favorite moment.

The concentration on Kate McKinnon’s face is superb.

Forward: President Obama was re-elected. Regardless of your political affiliation and no matter which candidate you supported, we all experienced every moment of this election together, because the internet didn’t give us a choice. Which I think is kinda cool. Tweets are the new fireside chats, and it’s going to be interesting to see how far things have come in four more years.

A photo the President Tweeted, then posted on his Facebook page.

What will happen in 2013? Fasten your New Year’s Eve tiaras and stay tuned to find out! Happy New Year, Gigglers!

Featured image via ShutterStock, images via Us Weekly and and Know Your Meme and USA Today

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