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Khloé Kardashian's "must-have" workout equipment is so unexpectedly simple

Khloé Kardashian has officially solidified herself as a fitness guru in our books (well, okay, she’s at least someone who gives us MAJOR fitness goals on a literal daily basis). She’s always been super open and honest about her struggles with fitness and body image, and even has a new fitness show on E!. So needless to say, when Khloé revealed her favorite piece of gym equipment, we were kind of expecting a fancy (cough: expensive) and hard-to-get piece of technology.

So imagine our surprise (and relief) when we found out that Khloé’s favorite gym accessory is a jump rope.

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Yep, in a post on her app she wrote,

“It works your entire body because it incorporates cardio and arms and abs. I don’t think people get how hard it is to jump rope for even like 5 minutes straight. It’s great that all it takes is 5 f*cking minutes and you’re drenched. Now that’s an awesome workout!”

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She went on to write, “To warm up, I normally jump for 5 minutes straight. Then, after my first quarter, I jump for 4 minutes straight. I like to test myself and see if I can reach 800 jumps in 5 minutes. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but try it! If you can do that and it’s easy, either double it or amp it up to where you’re challenging yourself.”

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