Kelly Clarkson Refuses to Be Bullied By Clive Davis

But Clive Davis has repeatedly gone after Clarkson in the press for her behind-the-scenes behavior in a way he hasn’t done for any of the other artists he’s worked with over the years. Which means one of two things: either Clarkson is a particularly black-hearted person in an industry of morally corrupt souls or Davis is enraged that Clarkson dared question his opinion.

By all standards, Clive Davis is a very smart man who knows his business, but that doesn’t mean he’s infallible. Sometimes people in positions of power assume that power equals perfection. It doesn’t. We’re all human.

I’m not saying that Clarkson was right and Davis was wrong. I wasn’t there. I’m not a music industry expert. I don’t know. What I am saying is that this sounds like a misunderstanding that blew up into a public power struggle because people like Kelly Clarkson aren’t supposed to disagree with people like Clive Davis.

Oftentimes people of a higher status get away with horrible things because the people below them are afraid to speak up. They’re threatened. Kelly Clarkson wasn’t threatened by Clive Davis’s power in private meetings and she apparently isn’t threatened by them now.

Basically, Kelly Clarkson broke the rules because she had a voice and spoke out. That’s it. Not because she was right or because she was wrong. That doesn’t matter here. What matters is simply that she spoke up.

Speaking up scares people who think they are above you and don’t have to listen to you. Speaking up also scares men if you’re a woman or the majority if you’re in a minority. That doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to speak up. It usually means that you should.

Because, honestly, if what you’re saying is wrong or crazy or just stupid, the people above you don’t have to listen to it anyway.

People like Clive Davis are afraid of their inferiors’ opinions because they’re afraid they might be right–and where would that leave all their so-called power?

It’s not just what doesn’t kill you that makes you stronger, it’s what you have the courage to say on your own that does. Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, Kelly Clarkson is the victor here because of her courage.

Featured image by Mike Blake/Reuters via NY Daily News 

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