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Keeping Up with The Kardashians episode 605: Thicker Than Water

The bad news is that Bruce is hard of hearing and Kris is trying to convince him to visit an ENT specialist. The good news is that I’m not the only one who uses their computer while hunched over the bed.

Right now I’m not even using a desk, I’m using my knee. Normally I would be embarrassed to admit how lazy I appear but if it’s good enough for some one who once won a bunch of gold medals, it’s okay for the chick who has a statue that her little league game was forced to give all of the participants, even if they daydreamed so much in the outfield that they once got thwacked in the shin with a ball  in front of everyone. Yeah, that was the year I quit.

Khloe, Kim and Rob are in Vegas when Kim reveals to Rob that Kourtney is hurt that he neglected to invite her along. Rob explains to Kim that he didn’t think she would want to come because she has a baby but then reveals to the camera that it’s because he does not like Scott.

“From day one, Lamar has treated Khloe like a queen and I don’t see that from Scott.” For the first time in our lives, I want Rob to be my husband not because he is related to the Kardashian women and I would be their step-sister, but because he is Robert Kardashian Jr. TRUST a dude who cares for his sisters that much… even if he does get an allowance from Khloe.Rob Kardashian, the professional lounger, visits Kourtney and lets her in on the fact that her boyfriend is a jerk. Kourtney kicks him out. Kourtney shows him the door, stating that she doesn’t need to have negative things said inside her house about her own family. I admire Kourtney a lot. I tend to think that she grew up in a combative household because she has said similar words to a screeching Kris Jenner in a prior episode. I appreciate anyone who really works hard at creating a loving, caring environment to raise their child in.

To combat Bruce’s bad hearing, Khloe buys an ear candle. Because I am a chronic skeptic, I had to google the validity of an ear candle and it turns out that they’re bigger liars than Casey Anthony.


While some of the family is in the kitchen, Kim enters with the news that Rob has to go to the hospital. Apparently, his once suspected-as-feigned illness is pretty real and it has to do with constipation. “He says he’s had to go to the bathroom for a really long time,” Kim says. “He needs to go to the hospital.” Imagine. A whole nation knowing you want to poop, but can’t.

“I’m putting on my tennis shoes,” Kris says as she steps out of her heels.

Nothing comes between a mother and her sick baby, not even Jimmy Choo.

After the doctors run tests, it’s concluded that Rob has appendicitis. I’m disappointed in him. As a Kardashian, he should do anything and everything in his power to separate himself from the “every man”, and appendicitis is such a pedestrian health issue. I bet Kris is so angry that he didn’t get something she could monetize on. Like Lupus. Fundraisers love lupus.

I can’t tell which is cuter; the stuffed animal or the fact that Rob is cuddling with a stuffed animal.

When E! gave us a sneak peak on what to expect next week, I nearly screeched with petty joy:

Kim Kardashian has an imperfection! A dermatological imperfection! On Kim Kardashian! I’ve never been so excited for an episode.(First image via

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