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Keep Calm, The Doctor Is Here

So there’s this blue box; in some worlds, it’s a British Police Box from the 1960s. But in the world of the Time Lord, it’s the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), a time machine which is also a space ship and also is the home of the Doctor.


Doctor Who! If you have a Tumblr, you’ve probably come across gifs of one of the Doctors and/or the Tardis.

What, what, what?

Okay. Let me back up. Doctor Who is a science fiction show that airs on BBC America. It’s about this humanoid alien who is a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey (which was destroyed long ago; the Doctor is the sole survivor, but maybe not) and also, he is a time traveler. He’s probably 900 years old, but I’m not sure what his exact age is. But I do think because he lost everyone in his family and on his world back in the olden days, he’s kind of lonely, which is why he travels through time with companions, who happen to be British almost all the time. Most of the time, his companions are women, but our current Doctor, the eleventh one, has two companions right now: Amy Pond and her husband, Rory Williams.

Wait, what?

Doctor Who first premiered in England in 1963. It’s been on and off the air ever since then; to us Who-vians, we’ve met 11 Doctors. In the TV world, this means that there have been a bunch of actors who have played the Doctor. When the Doctor regenerates, what’s happening is that the Time Lords body undergoes a transformation into a new physical form; so now, we’re with the 11th Doctor. When the Doctor regenerates, it means a new actor is playing the Doctor. Confused? Don’t be. We haven’t even touched on time traveling. Now that’s confusing.

But that’s Doctor Who in a nutshell. It’s one of my favorite TV shows. It’s complicated; whenever an episode is over, I have to watch it again and then I go on Facebook to see what everyone is saying and then I go to actually understand what just happened. It’s like watching Lost; it forces me to think, to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and that’s exciting to me. So here are ten reasons for you to watch it, too.

 1.     The Fantasy of the Adventure

In every episode, it’s a new adventure. Where will the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory go next? What year will it be? Will they encounter aliens? Humans? Will they be on a planet or a floating mammal? I mean, the possibilities are endless. And it’s nice to get lost in a fantasy instead of seeing people fist pump to loud music or predictable pratfalls.

2.     The Relationship of the Ages: Companions

I know, I know, why is this old man always traveling with these young girls? TO THAT I SAY: DUDE, IT’S A FANTASY. And also, he’s always in a young body. And by the way, Sarah Jane Smith, a companion from way back (Doctors Three & Four), went on an adventure with Ten and she aged in real time. I don’t think the Doctor is ageist; I think it would be super hard for a person to be a companion if she/he had little kids, for instance. Okay, let me get back to my point:  I love the relationship the Doctor has with his traveling companions. Ten fell in love with Rose Tyler; he was heartbroken when he met Martha Jones so he was kind of a jerk to Martha and she idolized him and that kind of broke my heart, that unrequited love thing.

(Martha: You’re taking me to the same planets you took her?
The Doctor: What’s wrong with that?
Martha: Nothing. Just a bit of a rebound.)

And he was a total BFF to Donna Noble. Eleven is a kook, but he’s very protective of Amy Pond and her now-husband. These relationships are complicated and full of heart and they really make the show what it is.

3.     Alien Nations

There are nice aliens and there are scary ones (the Daleks, the Weeping Angels, Cybermen). What we learn in Doctor Who is that the universe is full of good and evil. I’m always wondering: How do they come up with those scary monsters?

4.     The Never-Ending Story

The story of Doctor Who is phenomenal. Here’s this Time Lord – half the universe hates him, the other half respects him. He helps people, but sometimes, he messes things up. Kind of like life, but there’s a Time Lord involved. How they bring everything together from the beginning of the season to the end is amazing to me. I have not seen one bad episode. They really work hard on it, I can tell. It must be hard to keep it going for so many seasons and years. I have to give them props for that. It must be hard to keep it going every single week. Because we’re talking about time traveling. And cracks in time and the universe. And people aging but not aging. And OMG.

5.     Oh, To Be A Thespian

The actors make this show what it is. Amy Pond would not be Amy Pond without Karen Gillan. Matt Smith has made the Doctor his own, without compromising the myth of the Time Lord. And the guy who plays Rory? Let’s just say that someone’s mom thinks he’s cute. That’s all I’m saying.

6.     The Tardis

The big joke about the Tardis is that it’s bigger on the inside. Because it is! It’s ginormous! It is the coolest thing ever because you can go anywhere in time and also the universe! And also, the Doctor who isn’t who he is without the Tardis. Actually, I think the Doctor has a bit of a crush on the Tardis.

7.     Location, Location, Location

The settings are fantastic. Every episode they are somewhere new. It is really cool because the sets look real, like you can imagine yourself in that spot on that planet in that window of time. SO COOL.

8.     Space Cowboys

Time Travel is such a high-end concept to me, and The Doctor and his companions really mess with time travel. Amy Pond met Van Gogh! The Doctor is BFF with Winston Churchill! Rory is the boy who waited two thousand years for Amy Pond. I mean, this stuff is craaaaazy. Crazy-good, that is.

9.     The Art of Design

This really tops the show off. They have amazing effects. I think its crazy that they can do such a good job. Like how the monsters makeup don’t even look real! And I must say I love Amy Pond’s cute outfits! And I love the Doctors little bowtie and his dorky fez.

10.  Amy Pond

She’s so kick ass. She’s a feminist; she knows she’s of equal value. She’s fearless but not foolish. She’s smart and she’s constantly asking questions. She’s kind and she’s not a pushover. She’s silly and she’s funny. She is just such a great character, I heart her.

So there are ten reasons to get into Doctor Who, and I didn’t even mention Dr. River Song! Even if you don’t like sci-fi, this is a fun thing to sink your teeth into. It’s that good.

So go on the website and learn about the show. Or go on Netflix and start with Doctor Nine, which is when we meet Rose Tyler for the first time and watch how the Doctor grows with each companion. And by the time you meet Amy Pond and the Boy Who Waited, you’ll be as hooked as I am. But probably before. Definitely by the time you meet Donna Noble. 😉

That’s it for now. Please give me a shout out on my FB page, my blog or tweet at me @rubykarp. I’m always around. Just like the Time Lord.

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