She-ro of the Week

Kate Winslet To The Rescue!

I could write five pages on why Kate Winslet is this week’s she-ro. If I had a locker, she’d take up prime space wherever one puts pictures in one’s locker. Unfortunately, I’m limited by decency and respect for the editors of HelloGiggles and as such will constrain myself to five paragraphs.

1. It’s been reported that Kate Winslet carried Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother out of a burning building. Did you read that? Read it again. I’m not sure I could carry all of my dogs, much less an old woman, what with all the screaming and flapping about I’d be doing.

2. I’ve always been a person with a weight problem. It goes so far back that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think twice before taking a bite of a donut or a second bucket of ice cream, don’t even get me started on celery! I was in the midst of this “problem” when I saw Titanic. Forget the big boat, what was amazing to me was that I was looking at a woman who looked just like me! And she was naked! She gets serious she-ro points for that kind of bravery.

3. She hasn’t chased fame. On the heels of Titanic she stepped back, took a breath and did only one film a year for the next three. (No, I’m not counting Faeries as it was a voice over.)

4. Iris. Iris. Iris. For real, this film changed my life. How I looked at it, how I lived it and how I handled it when my own grandmother began to show signs of dementia.

I must take a deep breath before writing the final paragraph as just the thought of what’s coming rolls my intestines into knots and my heart into my ears. You might want to sit down.

5. The year was 1998. A certain someone was Miss Golden Globe. That same someone was wearing a dress that might have actually been dug up from the decks of the titanic or, alternatively, stolen from the wardrobe department. A bigger fan could not be found. At a commercial break I (let’s stop pretending, we all knew it was me) asked to be introduced to James Cameron. And I was. I went on and on about how much I loved the film and how great it was. Just before the break was over, as I turned to go I threw a glance in the direction of one Kate Winslet and one Leonardo DiCaprio and said, as off handedly as I could, “Oh. And you were good too,” and kept walking. I know from my peripheral vision that she nodded graciously and said thank you and also that they did not put their heads together and snicker at me and for that I am eternally grateful and for my behavior I am eternally shamed. Let that be a lesson in trying to be cool…

image via alt film guide

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