Kate the Wasp Goes to Comic-Con

Love a white man with an Hermes scarf

Oh, hi!  Thank you for clicking here with that perfectly manicured nail.

I was deep in sugar cookie withdrawal after the holidays (note to self: eating the dough does not make you a domestic goddess) when I got the great news that HelloGiggles would be featuring my web-series!  I hadn’t felt such joy since receiving a notification that Ann Taylor was following me on Twitter.  (Do we need to talk about the ability of a sequined cardigan to change your outlook on life? Okay, another time.)

So: on with it! Press pause on your iPod (no doubt playing “One Day More” from Les Mis on repeat) and watch as my alter-ego, Kate the Wasp, embarks on a set of cultural journeys and exploration.

First stop: Comic-Con!

If you enjoy, please subscribe to my YouTube page! Do you have an idea for an episode? Leave it in the comments!

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