She-ro of the Week

Karen Elson

Let’s talk about Karen Elson this week. Why? Because it’s September and her hair is the color of the contruction paper leaves that littered the floor during the fall celebration at my elementary school. (Like how I did that? Justification is not just a river in Africa my friends.) Also because I got Spotify, where I finally heard her cover of the Donovan song ‘Season of the Witch’. It’s good, so good that I had to run around (iChat) and talk to everyone I knew about it and not one person knew who I was talking about! So, here we are.

Don’t feel bad if you immediately think, “Karen Elson is a supermodel” or “Wait, isn’t she Jack White’s ex-wife?” because you’d be right. She is a supermodel, her career jump started when she, at the suggestion of Steven Meisel, shaved off her eyebrows and cut her bright red hair into a super short bob and did a stint on the cover of a little known publication called Italian Vogue, maybe you’ve heard of it? And she is Jack White’s ex-wife, because they were married and now they are not. Speaking of that union, they have two children who we can kind of thank for Karen’s coming out of the closet as a singer/songwriter. In an interview with the telegraph she said, “I wanted [my children] to see what I’m about, to grow up seeing a woman who’s passionate about what she does.”

That passion is music. She’s been building and readying herself for this moment her entire life. Check it:

  • Growing up she sang in a salsa band. (Yes salsa. In England.)
  • She sang back up for Robert Plant.(The Robert Plant)
  • Duetted with Cat Power on the Serge Gainsbourg cover, ‘I Love You (Me Either)’
  • Founding member of The Citizen’s Band (Um, cabaret. Yes!)

Last year she came out with her first full length album, The Ghost Who Walks (which I tend to listen to on repeat) and most recently contributed to the cover album Rave On Buddy Holly. Did I mention they’re amazing? Yep they are. Never underestimate the power of this super woman/model/singer/songwriter.

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