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Kaley Cuoco's new BF cuddles with ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki in this sweet Insta pic

Whenever a breakup happens, it can be easy to think everything between you and your ex will go sour. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Case in point: we just heard that Kaley Cuoco’s boyfriend Karl Cook cuddled her ex Johnny Galecki in an adorable Instagram pic.

Okay if you need a refresher, Cuoco and Galecki — who are an on-screen couple in The Big Bang Theory — dated for about two years in real life, and now Cuoco has been happily coupled up with Cook (who is an equestrian…exotic!) for a year. As you can see, there’s no weird feelings between her past and present BFs.

Notice the caption from Norman Cook AKA Kaley Cuoco? She’s politely telling Galecki…“get off my man!” 

Seriously, is anyone else thinking about #breakupgoals?!

It’s a thing, and this is totally an example of a great outcome: Cuoco is friends with her ex, and her ex is friends with her current squeeze! YES.

@sanctionedjohnnygalecki is really loving my holiday cheer 😂

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Now, Cuoco made sure that she got some good face time with her man too, because apparently he’s in high demand.

Can you tell I ❤️when this guy comes to visit me at work?! @mrtankcook

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They are just THE CUUUUTEST. And we’re thrilled that Cuoco is in such a good place, because she’s  so utterly deserving of the best that relationship land has to offer.

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