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Kale-fornia Salad

After a long holiday weekend gorging on grilled items and consuming more cocktails than I care to remember, I needed something crisp and hearty to kick-start my return to real life. I wanted something that would leave me full but feeling clean, and there is no better leaf for that than kale.

Kale is one of the best vegetables on the block for you. Not only does it aid the body in detoxing with its isothiocyanates (ITC) from glucosinolates, but it is an excellent source of fiber, anti-oxidants, and vitamins A,K, and C. It has zero grams of fat and only 36 calories per cup.

I’m not a huge fan of steamed kale (or even kale chips), but this raw kale salad is the best salad I’ve had in a long time. Perfect for a meal of serious roughage, or as a side dish to a fresh main course, I think my boyfriend nailed this summery salad on the head. I’m honestly bummed we didn’t leave any for me to have for lunch today.

Kale-fornia Salad:
(serves 4)

• 1 large bunch kale
• 15-20 cherry tomatoes
• 1/3 cup Sprouts
• 2 avocados
• 1/3 cup sunflower seeds
• 3 tablespoons hummus*
• 1 large lemon
• 1 tablespoon white vinegar
• 1/3 cup feta cheese


1. In mixing bowl whisk together hummus, juice of one lemon and vinegar. Set aside.

*In this particular recipe, we highly recommend a chipotle-flavored hummus. If you cannot find chipotle hummus, just mix together a little chipotle hot sauce with regular hummus.)

2. Rinse and chop kale into reasonable salad size leaflets and add to large bowl.

3. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and add to bowl.

4. Add sprouts, sunflower seeds, olive oil and feta cheese.

5. Then add hummus, lemon and vinegar from earlier mixture and toss.

And last but not least, chow down! 😀

Planning on whipping these delicious greens up? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

Big thanks to my amazing boyfriend & the best cook I know, Ben.

  • Zelina Garza

    Ross this looks so yummy you’re lucky your boy toy cooks.

    • Marissa A. Ross

      I know, I am so grateful! :)

  • Mary Sizelove

    Holy s. This looks delicious. I’m trying this one out today! Thanks girl!

    • Marissa A. Ross

      Yes! It’s so good! You’ll love it!

  • Fern Ratson Rutberg

    this looks amazing! can’t wait to try it – thanks!!

  • Sara Margotta

    Hey! You didn’t mention what to do with the avocado. I suppose you eat it, but in what way? I’m definitely going to make this once I find out.

    • Marissa A. Ross

      WHOOPS! haha. We just chopped it up and threw it in there. And by “we”, I mean Ben. I didn’t do it. I just ate it. :)

  • Alison Ziebell

    This looks awesome!! Im making it tomorrow for my co workers :)

  • Kristin Mercado

    I have never had kale before, but this makes me want to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  • Alexandra

    OH SNAP! I just made it. Thank you!

  • Emily Johnson

    Wow this looks delicious ! I want to eat this right now… at 148 am. I love that your man candy made this!! My man candy is also great and healthy in the kitchen. (We’re lucky! ) With that said I think I could whip this up for him and show him he’s got some competition in the kitchen! (but I’ll probably wait for daylight…)

  • Andrea Eiken

    Eating right now- YUM!!! I only had apple cider vinegar but it still turned out great! This is my first time eating kale raw- I’ve put it in soups before- but I am loving it :) Good work, boyfriend :)

  • Kelly Haus

    Marissa, I’m seriously loving this salad. I used goat cheese crumbles instead of feta, only one avocado, and red wine vinegar instead of white. I also added croutons because I’m addicted to carbs. In other news, whilst I am eating this bitchin salad, I’m drinking wine and listening to Monster Rally, so I thank you and Dudefriend for heavily influencing this moment in my life.

    • Marissa A. Ross

      That sounds like an amazing moment! I am so happy you are enjoying it all! 😀

  • Emily McCracken

    Thanks for this, it was so excellent but also, I ended up buying too much kale so I took the leftover pieces and coated them in salt, olive oil and garlic powder and baked them in the oven then dipped them in the chipotle hummus dressing used on the salad… it was just as big of a hit as the salad!

  • Megan Younce

    this looks amazing!! i need to make this ASAP

  • Dana DeRuyck

    NOM! Just made and ate a bunch of this. Used the eggplant hummus for Trader Joes (because I adore it) and pecans instead of sunflower seeds. Serious yum.

  • Ashley Murie

    Your recipes are great because I can always tweak them a bit and make ’em vegan. :) Thank you!

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