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For a single girl living alone in Boston with my 6 lb papillon, Chloe, I spend way too much time planning my hypothetical wedding. This is something that began in high school when my friends and I would go to Barnes & Noble, sit on the floor of the wedding section and decide the silhouettes of our dresses. Since then, I have graduated to actually picking my dress (which obviously I can’t show here, in case my future husband ever reads this. Oh ok, you twisted my arm.

Isn’t it fantastic?


As well as my shoes, bridesmaid dresses, venue, and menu. 


This is a problem. A sickness, if you will. One would imagine that the whole all-girls-school-graduation-for-which-a-white-wedding-dress-is-required thing would have satisfied my need for a pretty white dress.

You can see the sea of white dresses behind my friend, Mary.

Or maybe that the white tulle tea-length prom dress I designed would have done it.

Nope. Not for this amateur wedding planner. I’ve even tried to plan my best friends’ weddings, real and imaginary. I’m actually so incredibly good at it that I’ve considered dropping out of school and/or switching careers to start my own wedding planning business. No general event planning for me, though. strictly weddings (ooh…that’s a good business name, no?). However, perhaps it would be a better idea to start with a boyfriend before thinking about putting a ring on my pretty little finger. Don’t worry though. I’ve got that covered too, and it’s gorgeous.

photos courtesy of tumblr & kleinfeld bridal

Megan is a 26 year old socially awkward undergrad living in Boston (jeez…graduate already!). She tweets too often sometimes and it gives her anxiety when she thinks about it. She’s fabulous at procrastinating and usually uses this time to focus her energy on her many strange obsessions.


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  1. I adore you and your wedding plans. I have planned my wedding as well… down to my flower arrangements. Don’t worry. I don’t have a boyfriend either. :) We should have a prelight wedding sometime… just so that we know the real deal will be perfect

  2. Obsessed with this post! I’ve been planning my wedding for ages too…and as luck would have it, I also don’t a ring on my pretty little finger yet. What I do have, however, is a two-feet tall stack of wedding magazines, which I conveniently left on my boyfriend’s coffee table, right before I left on vacation. Hint, hint.

  3. I absolutely love that dress! Who is the designer/where did you find it? I want a tea length dress for my wedding.

  4. Where do you live in Boston, girl?

  5. Love you for this! I’m sure you have plenty of notes for my wedding
    That I keep procrastinating about. I promise to get the ball rolling soon!
    -ur best friend

  6. Oh, yes, I went nuts trying to find the perfect dress for my wedding, and of course it had to be a ball gown because that would be the ONE and ONLY time it’s absolutely acceptable to wear one,….except to balls….which happen all the time…::ahem::…ANYHOW lol, I LOVE the dressed you picked, it’s so 50′s looking, GORGEOUS!

  7. Oh I like your prom dress a lot better than your wedding dress (I’m sorry). In fact, if my boyfriend and I can ever afford a wedding, I would like to wear a tulle dress

  8. I’m currently obsessed with planning my pretend wedding. My friend and I plan to visit some bakeries and scamming some free cake samples.

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