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Meet ‘Judgey': The game that literally lets you judge a book by its cover

HG: Just curious, what book had the best/worst rated cover? Were there any patterns between the top/lowest rated covers?

N: Well, we admittedly put a few “landmines” in there. Like the Justin Bieber book, the Miley Cyrus book, and the Dustin Diamond (formerly Screech) book. The first two are actually rated super highly on Goodreads, but their covers are pretty awful. So these have had the highest discrepancy. I think people have been surprised at how highly-rated some books have been, despite their lackluster covers. Which is the moral itself. So that’s cool.

D: Again, I’d love people to take a look at the graphs we made and draw some of their own conclusions. The best rated (or most highly judged, I should say) was To Kill a Mockingbird — which, we can be fairly sure was due people recognizing the title. THAT SAID 15 people rated To Kill a Mockingbird ZERO stars.

HG: We have to ask the obvious. How book cover judgmental are you both?

N: I won’t speak for Dean, but personally it turns out I’m more book judgmental than I realized. I’ve reached the acceptance stage though.

D: I choose books based on recommendations from my friends, and then I judge my friends.

You can try Judgey for yourself right here.

(Featured image via Judgey.)

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