Jesus Christ Superstars: Selena Gomez Hosts a Bible Study Group, Apparently

Did you hear? Jesus Christ is straight up dope, bro. He’s running in some rad circles, people. Hollywood’s hottest and most I-don’t-care-about-est are meeting once a month to get their bible talk on. Who are these Let Go and Let God peeps? None other than Hollywood’s youngest and brightest stars!

We’re talking Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Not impressed? A guy from 90210 shows up, as well. Yeah. A GUY. FROM 90210. But get ready to be like, holy s***! (had to do it once), as none other than Justin Bieber and his mom often show up.

What I love most about this is that it was organized by E! Correspondent Jason Kennedy. Like even in Hollywood, organizing a bible study group has to come from a dude at E!.

Also rumored to take place are “coffee and conversation.” Hello! These kids are too young for coffee! It will keep them up all night! Is no one else concerned? Is there decaf as an option?!

Listen, I’m Episcopalian, I have my own personal relationship with God, and while I have this moment, I’d just like to say: What up Jeezy! Be careful, you’re running with a red bull-coffee-driven-conversation-having-ridiculous amount of teen stars.

Maybe this was just a niche that needed to be filled. Athletes and rappers give their Jesus Christ props on the constant. And if Tim Tebow can still believe so strongly after this year, then you know his faith is legit. Ahhh, speaking of legit. It really is hard for me to believe that these people meet each month at a Beverly Hills hotel and talk Christianity. I want to believe it, but the moment I want to believe it is the same moment I realize I don’t care.

It’s totally cool in my book if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever else, as long as it comes from the heart and of real faith. What I can’t stand are fake Christians, people who scream and shout their love of God while simply being a nice human being is beyond them.

This is all fun and games and religion, and I truly do hope these meetings are what they say they are, and are helping each of them grow in their religious curiosities.

But you can’t blame me for thinking it’s all a joke when it takes place once a month at a Beverly Hills hotel, all put together by some guy at E! (like they don’t know churches or having a relationship with God can be done all on your own). You don’t need E! to tell you to come coffee talk.

I do hope the next meeting; they really consult with J to the Christ about Bieber’s wardrobe lately. It’s a sin, a horrible fashion sin!

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  • Lauren Mullis Humphries

    Wow! After reading and I never comment in articles. What a childish article. A relationship has to begin somewhere and why knock these Peeps as you continue calling them for effort. I give them props for having curiosity, desire to fill the possible emptiness that they may feel in their super spotlight lives. Something may be wooing them to make the effort. Good for them and shame on you for the demeaning of it.

    • David Dean

      Lauren- Not mocking them, mocking the fact that it’s a “coffee and conversation” group that was put together by someone at E!. Point being, not even worship, or simply talking about God, can happen with these youngsters without E! and a Beverly Hills Hotel being involved. Demeaning it, no. Having fun with, yes. If this was coming from some agnostic who thought it was ridiculous then I would understand your frustration. But it’s coming from a fellow Christian who takes things lightly. I am sorry if I upset you though, not at all my intention.

  • Lillian Caracci

    Wow, I agree with Lauren, what a horrible article. What was the point of this? I understand the point you are trying to make regarding Christianity and people not being genuine, or trying to come across as godly or something that they do not actually represent. however, making fun of people you don’t actually know because you heard they have a bible study? This article comes across as judgmental and immature. I tend to think of hello giggles as a postive place with interesting articles, but I don’t think this is up to par. You claim to have a faith of your own, but I don’t think disparaging others is very Christian like or positive spiritually. I know what you are trying to say about “fake” Christians and I agree, I know you are just trying to make it interesting or amusing, but it is off-putting to read.

  • Chrisy Hurn

    Hey man, I didn’t appreciate this article. I am not going to ream you our for it though, I just am tired of Christianity being the butt of everyone’s jokes. It’s getting super old. I can see how we deserve it, but we are just as much failures of human beings as everyone else, so give us a break. I’m just saying, you wouldn’t poke fun at a Buddhist or a Muslim; and frankly Jews have had enough persecution. Frick I am just so over religious bullying. Let people believe what they believe and keep your opinions to yourself. Christians are accused of being judgemental but how are they any worse than anyone else. Rant over. Spread some love.

    On another note, I appreciated when you said, “It’s totally cool in my book if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever else, as long as it comes from the heart and of real faith. What I can’t stand are fake Christians, people who scream and shout their love of God while simply being a nice human being is beyond them.” Props to you on that one! I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Leslianne Cameron

    Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.- John 7:24, my friend.

    I get your point about genuine faith, but who are you to judge based off what you just heard about it? Have you actually attended one these studies? Clearly not. Instead you have resorted to your own superficial judgement. Your only reasoning that this study is something worthy of being made a joke of, is that these people are famous. You don’t know them, their walk, or their relationship with God. Your mockery in this article is embarrassing and offensive.

    “the moment I want to believe it is the same moment I realize I don’t care.” Clearly you do care. Care enough to put down, discourage, and demean. You care enough to write a whole article based off your own judgmental and uninformed heart.

    “But you can’t blame me for thinking it’s all a joke when it takes place once a month at a Beverly Hills hotel, all put together by some guy at E!” What do those facts have to do with anything though? We can’t blame you for thinking it, but going as far as writing an entire article mocking a person’s faith? That we can blame you for. Awful. Just awful.

    But seriously, what is this article? Why would this site, which is supposed to be a positive and encouraging place, post this? I am disappointed.

  • Allie Clouspy

    All of you trying to make your points are judging David Dean and his views based on one article, characterizing him with not much to base an opinion on. Do you know him? I didn’t think so and now you judge him like you accused him of judging others. Practice what you preach and let it go. You’re on a slippery slope my good fellow hellogiggles readers -Good life provided by your everyday gal. Have a wonderful day. :)

  • Clarissa Nicole

    I find it a bit unnecessary to even make a post about this. Selena hasn’t hid her faith, per say, she just doesn’t preach about it. However E! found out is how they found out, but all of this is pretty much judging. I’m not going to lie and say I’m disappointed in HG for thinking this was a good topic for their website.

    • Lily Fryer

      Chrisy and Clarissa, DITTO! Come on HG, how about trading thoughtful substance for religious mockery?

  • David Dean

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts. I can tell you I was on the fence about serious people would take this, and how sarcastic they know my writing to be. Young celebrities getting together, if this is actually happening, to talk about Christianity is great. I was just taking a fun approach it because it seems so unlikely, and it’s at a Beverly Hills Hotel, and it’s 17 year olds drinking coffee, it’s just silly. But I truly am sorry if I’ve offended anyone, that was not at all the point, and if you read any of my other articles, you will see most of what I say is written in a fun, sarcastic view. xo

    • Rachel Ariane

      I’m glad you’ve addressed those offended by this article without being so defensive that you have to tell people to “stop being offended.” I am sick and tired of people assuming that others shouldn’t be offended, whether they joke around or write a piece that tends to push any buttons. Therefore, I shall commend you and I’m not afraid to say that you happen to be part of my list of favorite HG writers.

      As for the article itself, I didn’t find it to be too offensive. It’s ok to be leery of celebrities who claim they are Christians and how they conduct themselves, but we need to remember that we, as humans, are typically hypocritical. It can be difficult to walk the walk while talking the talk yet we shouldn’t really judge people by how they walk in their faith or not. The “bad apples” may ruin people’s perceptions of numerous faiths including Christianity but they do not represent most if not all people who are devout in whatever faith they process.

      • Rachel Ariane

        *Profess. My bad.

  • Dusty Nichols

    I think this article is well written, light, and just fun. It doesn’t come across to me at all as someone who looks down upon religion or is even making fun, and he even opens up to say he himself is an Episcopalian, which he didn’t have to do. Be open minded and lighten up people!

  • Krystal Celeste Rodriguez

    Actually I’m not at all surprised that Jason Kennedy (who’s not just some guy at E!, by the way) is the one who started the bible study. I’ve known about him way before he ever worked at E! He used to co-host a Christian tv show years ago. He’s always had a strong faith in God and a desire to share it with people in Hollywood. If he’s the one that started it then I believe it’s legit.

    And yeah, don’t knock these stars for wanting to better their relationship with God. This is a positive thing. This could be the one thing that helps keep them grounded in the craziness that is Hollywood. It could be the thing that helps them from going the way of Lindsay Lohan and the like. And I think that’s a good thing.

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