Jennifer Lawrence Is Pretty Much The Best, Right?

Jennifer Lawrence, the second youngest actress to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress and a described “triple threat” of Hollywood (due to her ability to own every action, drama and comedy film she stars in) seems totally human. I’m not saying other celebrities are exclusively robots, but JLaw has this way of behaving organically; every single time she is interviewed, the words that come out of her mouth are all her, rather than words that have been rehearsed and coached.

Furthermore, Lawrence is just downright cool. She would be the friend that drives us all to Taco Bell at 1 A.M. She’s the actress that doesn’t take Hollywood completely seriously, yet nails every single character down like it’s nobody’s business, and the girl next door that admits she sometimes pees in her pants. I would like to take a few minutes (or an eternity) to celebrate Jennifer Lawrence because she’s a real girl, and she’s humbly and casually taking over the world with her dazzling swagger.

Like I said before, Jennifer is genuine. She looks like she can shamelessly chow down on a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and watch YouTube cat videos with you on a Friday night. She’s gorgeous without looking completely airbrushed in every single frame, and she has an amazing sense of style. She probably works out a lot, but not because she wants to be size zero, but because she wants to be healthy. Also, Jennifer is naturally hilarious. On a Chelsea Lately show, Chelsea asked her how she learned to use a bow and arrow, and Jennifer replied, “Oh, I just had an Olympian teach me. Isn’t that what everyone does when they learn archery?” Best reply ever. JLaw also shared, “I pee when I get scared. And when I’m nervous. Like backstage, I just peed like every three seconds. I think your staff thinks I have diarrhea.”

As we all know, JLaw handled the “Meryl” backlash stylishly and shrewdly . If you didn’t watch the Golden Globes or catch all the celebrity gossip flooding the internet minutes later, you might have missed Jennifer cracking a joke as she accepted her award. As she stepped up on stage, she pretended to inspect the talisman and said, “Oh, what does it say? I beat Meryl!” Although some thought this was a jab at icon/actress Meryl Streep, this was actually a reference to First Wives Club.

The bitter chatter escalated when hater Lindsay Lohan poignantly tweeted, “No1 should ever mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep.” Excuse me, but no one should play a legend such as Elizabeth Taylor and a) ruin it, and b) steal her bracelet. Jennifer handled the buzz with humor and elegance: “I wanted to make a public statement. Like, hey idiots, it’s a quote from a movie!” She recently hosted SNL, which was fueled by the “I beat Meryl” fiasco; Lawrence comically threw cheesy insults at Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, Quzenzhane Wallis and Emmanuelle, quipping, “An 85-year-old French lady. Yeah. I think I can take you.” The parody addressed the Meryl confusion and highlighted Jen’s strategy of combating gossip with comedy. So, instead of getting into a Twitter brawl, Jennifer solved the problem with honesty, clarity and a sense of humor, which is so refreshing.

Speaking of gossip, you don’t see Jennifer out partying, crashing cars and publicly overdosing on drugs; you just don’t. Her personal life is as private as possible for a person who is so open about herself. The 22-year-old is playing it smarter than most newly discovered celebrities, who at this point, might be taking advantage of every A-List party in Los Angeles to New York and drunkenly ending up on the tabloids or in jail.

Lastly, let’s not avoid the obvious: Jennifer Lawrence is an incredible actress. She kills it in every single thing she’s in, including X-Men, Winter’s Bone, Hunger Games and The Silver Linings Playbook. She transforms from adorable girl-next-door to an enigmatic, young Mystique, to the daughter of a meth head, into the figurehead of Panem and finally, into a troubled sex-addict. When the boyfriend in Like Crazy dumps her twice, I wanted to punch him in the face because she was such an adorable rebound. The best part is that Lawrence never stepped foot in acting school. She pretty much just got discovered one day in New York when she was watching street dancing, according to Vanity Fair: “This model scout asked if he could take a picture. I had no idea that was creepy. So I was like, ‘Yeah, sure,’ and I gave him my mom’s phone number. And then he called and said all these agents wanted to meet, and we were like, ‘Might as well.’” I will see any movie that Jennifer is in, even if it’s the re-make of Gigli because I know she will bring her total A game, completely own it and deem it watchable this time with her JLaw magic.

So, here’s to you, Jennifer Lawrence. You have taken Hollywood by storm with your unpretentious composure and incredible talent. You are unconventional, and effortlessly funny and smart. It’s like you don’t even know how cool you are. If you’re reading this, Jennifer, I am so down for being friends and going to Taco Bell tonight. Just let me know, okay?

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  • Olivia Denyer

    I completely agree. The best part is that she’s not stick-thin, but gives off an image of being beautiful naturally – without starving herself or trying these radical new diets. She’s like an all-natural goddess.

  • Jéssica Oliveira

    I totally agree with you! I’m so glad that Hollywood now has incredible and funny women like her and Emma Stone, that also is so natural and give to us this sensation “we could be friends”. These people are breaking the (stupid) rules the beauty is more important than everything. They are beautiful indeed, but this is just a fact. What we love about Jenn or Emma is that they are who they are and this is much prettier and awesome than everything else!

    • Gina Vaynshteyn

      Totally. I Love Emma Stone, too! Down with the Hollywood rules!

  • Kassie King

    Everything about this is 100% true and completely perfect. Jennifer is such a quality human being and I’m so glad we have people like her in the film industry to balance out all the crazy. She’s going on to such big things. Love her.

  • Christina Konze

    I agree entirely! I adore her. ANy time I find something to be particularly difficult, I think to myself, “Katniss Everdeen went through a hell of a lot more than this, I can do it.” And it really works! Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of that character is inspirational to me. Jennifer also makes me feel better about my body. I am not over weight, but I’m not model-thin either. Jennifer is making it “cool” to keep healthy and not worry about the popularized ideal of “beauty”. She’s lovely! I think she’s just great all around!

    • Gina Vaynshteyn

      I feel ya. Yeah, I hate all that trash about her weight. She’s normal and healthy, guys! I’m super excited to see Jennifer in Catching Fire :)

  • Emily Huel

    Although I agree with you with the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, she is not the second youngest person to be nominated for an Academy Award. That title would go to Mary Badham for her portrayed of Scout Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird” at the age of 10. She was formally the youngest, but THAT title goes to Quvenzhané Wallis (who is 9) for “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” I’m am not meaning to be annoying or contradictory, I would just like the equally-as-amazing Mary to get her due.

    • Gina Vaynshteyn

      Oh yeah, I wasn’t counting this year’s nominations/had that info when I wrote the piece. Both Mary and Quvenzhane are amazing as well.

      • Emily Huel

        And I just noticed that it was for “Best Actress.” Sorry, you are correct. I misread the sentence, and I apologize. Oopsie…

        • Gina Vaynshteyn

          No big! :)

  • Elle Harris

    Okay, she’s wonderful and talented and brilliantly real but why is the best part that she never received any formal training? There are the rare people like Lawrence whose cards fall in the perfect order – and then there’s those who live in rural communities, or the myriad of other situations that mean they have to work hard at their craft and relentlessly put themselves up for rejection to achieve this sort of success. Jennifer Lawrence is a great role model as a person but maybe we should see dedication, motivation and effort as admirable qualities too.

    • Gina Vaynshteyn

      I would say Jennifer Lawrence is dedicated and motivated despite lack of formal training, but to each his/her own :)

  • Lauren Anne Rocha

    Yes, I love her and I can’t wait to see what else she’s going to do! The best part about her is that she really doesn’t take Hollywood too seriously which just makes me respect her even more.

  • Paula M. Moncho Esteve

    Like, I go to my computer this morning and the first thing that pops up is hellogiggles (my main website of course) and I see Jennifer Lawrence’s picture.. totally made my day! I don’t need more!
    Then I read it eagerly (hellogiggles+JLaw combo.. are you kidding? IT CAN’T GET BETTER!)

    Loved it. I love Jennifer Lawrence, she is awesome, talented, pretty, cool and hilarious!! (omg I’m seriously starting to develop this crazy crush on her!!)
    I loved all the nice things you wrote about her and totally agree with you in all of them!! I don’t care if I sound crazy, I totally wanna be friends with Jennifer and go to taco bell at 1 am and pee our pants (literally) laughing so hard that they can hear us from Australia!! 😀

  • Britney Roqué

    There is no room for debate: Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect human being for an imperfect world.

  • Kaitlyn Whiteside

    While I don’t know her personally or anything, I really think Jennifer is so normal because she grew up in Louisville, KY, which is not a celebrity hotbed. She grew up normal and she continues to be normal. As a Louisville native, I think I speak on behalf of our entire city when I say we’re incredibly proud of her. She’s a wonderful representation of our city and I hope she continues to stay as humble and unimpressed with fame as possible.

  • Guedy Sivori

    She’s is awesome and she won!! i’m so happy for her. She is so versatil, not only a pretty face. Cant wait for catching fire too! ps. I love Emma aswell. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you’ll understand

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