Jennifer Aniston Gets Engaged To Justin Theroux, Or… Rachel's Getting Married!

Is there a female celebrity more loved, or more supported by women everywhere than Jennifer Aniston? She has been put through the relationship ringer, in the most public fashion and we’ve hurt and healed right along with her. But this isn’t about her past. I will not cheapen her current happiness by wondering what John Mayer or the Brangelina clan thinks about this. Jennifer Aniston is GETTING MARRIED!

On Friday, August 10th, Justin Theroux turned 41 years old. He chose to celebrate the day of his birth by popping the question to girlfriend of a little over a year, Jennifer Aniston. Spoiler Alert- she said yes. Theroux’s reps have confirmed the news, so you can rest easy knowing it’s true.

Are you excited? I’m excited.

Uh, YUM. Good choice, Jen! (Image via

I’m also relieved that Jen won’t have to answer the pre-engagement line of questioning she’s gotten so accustomed to. That seems to be the most brutal, am I right? “So, what’s your plan?” “Do you think you guys will settle down soon?” “Is marriage in your future?” It just doesn’t end until the question has been popped and the ring has been rocked. (I’m big into rhymes.)

Sure, now she’ll get hounded on the details of the wedding itself: date, venue, food and of course, the dress. That’s the fun part though. And the moment the honeymoon ends, people will want to know if they’re interested in having kids. For years, we’ve wondered if Jen wants kids. Because of her strength and unwavering good nature, she seems like she would make the ultimate mommy.

For now though, Jen and Justin can enjoy their engagement and begin to plan their life together.

We all want to believe in fairy-tales and I think Jen has been our chosen subject in the quest to prove whether or not they exist. I don’t think they do. At least not the way they were fed to us as children. The road to “forever love” might be a little rougher than we had anticipated. It might take us a little longer to get there. We might be a little older when we arrive. But when we reach that destination, the time it took us to get there is meaningless.

To Jen and Justin- Congrats on your engagement and on your ability to look better than anyone else in leather. WE LOVE YOU!

Image via Celebitchy

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