Art, Style, EtcJeans and BootsNadia Barbaro

Although I have enjoyed sharing some of my favorite dresses with you, my regular uniform at the moment is jeans and boots.  Actually, it’s probably my regular look for most of the year! I love boots. These particular ones I purchased in Tokyo. My favorite pairs of jeans are Bettina Liano, they are a great fit. It’s such a relief when you find the perfect jeans because then  you can just keep repurchasing them and not have to spend time trying on new styles, which is such a headache. My blouse is Easton Pearson. It’s kinda Edwardian, which I like.

Photography: Katie Milwright


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  1. Where can i buy this!?!? Adorable!

  2. I’m having clandestine (not so much now because I typed this) affair with boots!! YAY boots!! (you are so lucky…. my short legs won’t allow a pair of pants to join us in our boot shafts—MEAN calves!!)