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As you guys may have figured out by now, I’m a music fanatic.  My love of music pretty much takes over most aspects of my life and that includes traveling far and wide to enjoy it in it’s best form – live.  I try to go to at least two live shows a week when possible and hit up as many music festivals every year as my schedule (and budget) will allow.  This year is a bit of an anomaly as it looks like I’m only going to be able to experience two fests.  You may remember I conquered Indio earlier this year at Coachella – and this weekend, I will be taking my festival expertise to the City of Brotherly Love. That’s right, I am lucky enough to be attending the first ever Made In America Festival in Philadelphia for Labor Day!

You may be thinking, “What the heck is the Made In America Festival?”  Well, if you haven’t heard yet, the one-and-only H-To-The-Izzo himself, Jay-Z,  has decided to curate his own end of summer festival and in true Hova style it’s going to be an impressive and eclectic weekend, to say the least.  Every genre of great music is represented in some form from hip-hop (natch) to rock to R&B to EDM…there’s going to be something (awesome) for everyone.  The rumor mill is churning with news of a supposed secret guest appearance of Jay-Z’s better half…yes, that Beyoncé, and the festival is also being filmed for a documentary feature produced by Brian Grazer and directed by Ron Howard.  Not too shabby for a first time fest.

It’s true that I may be slightly biased in my pre-festival fervor seeing as my favorite band of all time (and quite possibly the best band of all time), Pearl Jam , is headlining.  But, I’m obviously not alone in my high opinion of what my Seattle boys will bring to this festival…after all, Jay-Z is running this thing and he picked PJ over himself to close the entire fest Sunday night.  Need I say more?

In celebration of the inagural MIA Fest and what I think might become one of the best summer music events around, rather than pick one song or band to feature this week I’ve created a ‘Made In America’ playlist featuring my fav songs of almost all of the artists in the lineup for those HG readers who might not be able to get to Philly this weekend.  It’s a 70-track bonanza featuring artists like: Run-DMC, Afrojack, Jill Scott, Santigold, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, The Hives, Passion Pit and of course, Jay-Z and my beloved Pearl Jam.

Check out the link to my Spotify playlist HERE and enjoy a little taste of Made In America.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter for pictures and some reports from the front lines and you can also watch the official live stream courtesy of YouTube HERE.

I sincerely hope your holiday weekend rocks as much as I know that mine will and Happy Labor Day everybody!


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