Japanese soccer team plays against 100 CHILDREN (cue Hitchcock music)

Look, I’m going to start this off with full-disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of kids. That is to say, when babies stare at me in the supermarket, I get insulted. Because how dare they judge my Costco brand sweatpants. As if they’ve never worn them out in public. At least I only drool on myself once a week AT THE MOST. Can’t say the same about you, baby. As a member of the Barren By Choice Women’s Club (club world-renowned in my head that I just made up right now for the sake of this post), this is the stuff nightmares are made of. I had no trouble watching 2 Girls 1 Cup when my former roommate showed it to me, and I’m pretty sure the only thing I said was “Oh wow, this is sad, like… they used to be people who would be mad if someone did that to them and now they don’t care!” But when I watched this I got panicky and yelled “AH TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF THEY LOOK LIKE ANGRY RED ANTS!!!”

Anyway, sorry, spawn issues aside, I think redditor dr_mike_rithjin put it best: “Japan actually does the s#*t you daydream about.”

video via Reddit

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