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This is why January might bring you good fortune, thanks to ~all the planets~

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Everything in 2017 has so far been coming up roses. We’re not trying to jinx ourselves by saying how wonderful everything has been since 2016 packed up and left. But it’s been good, and there might be a cosmic reason for that. According to Bustle, January has some good fortune in store for us thanks to a phenomenon called All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM).

APDM means that all the planets in our solar system are “moving forward,” which is a very rare due to the fact that one planet is usually in retrograde. The word itself makes us cringe.

Wave Rayne, the first American teacher of all things APDM, notes that this cycle usually happens only once a year. Although in some years we don’t experience APDM at all, like in 2014. “The celestial event usually occurs sometime in late fall or early-middle winter, between November and February,” Bustle writer, Wendy Lu, says. APDM can last between 5 to 35 days, although this may vary.

So what does mean for us humans? Lu says that during APDM the “the stars have aligned in your favor (literally and figuratively).” Although the planets haven’t actually aligned, we can’t help but to relate this phenomenon to the scene from Hercules when the Fates show Hades the planets aligning.

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