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How To Host a Jane Austen Girls' Night In

Jane Austen is so hot right now. No joke. Her heirlooms have just been auctioned off for hundreds of thousands of dollars, she just got her own wax sculpture (a weird modern-day honor), and Carrie Brownstein is penning a movie inspired by her work. It’s a good time to be a die-hard fan of the author, so why not take your love for her to the next level—with a Jane Austen lady party? There are so many ways to spend the night celebrating your shared love (or obsession) for Jane—with Regency-inspired drinks, games and crafts. Here are some of the best products to plan the perfect night.

To Watch

Regency House Party

If you’re a super-Jane-ite like myself, you’ve gotten scratches on your Pride & Prejudice and Emma DVDs from watching them so many times. Though they are never going to get old, Regency House Party is a brilliant show that combines two things that fans love: Regency and reality. A period-themed dating show! The 10 singles must date, or court each other according to Regency custom, and oh my, the result is equal parts fascinating and hilarious.

To Play

Lost in Austen

You are Elizabeth Bennet and you must navigate your way through Regency society and Jane’s book in order to marry for love, as well as prudence. This is a choose-your-own-adventure book where you and your girlfriends use your Lizzie-wit to make decisions that shape your position in society, through romances, connections, and scandals.

Jane Austen Murder Mystery Kit

There has been a murder at Rosings Park, and it’s your job to figure out who did it. Jane-ites will take any opportunity to dress up and act like their favorite characters, so this is the perfect activity for your super-fan friends. The printable kit includes everything you’ll need to play: a game manual, invitations, character bios, clues, and even a menu and table setting ideas.

Marrying Mr. Darcy

This strategy card game is played with 2-6 players (or double, if you have teams), each of whom is an unmarried Pride and Prejudice lady, looking for the perfect husband among the suitors available. It’s like a Jane Austen Hearthrob! You and your friends must use logic and strategy to gain the most points and land the best guy. No knowledge of P&P is required, but fans will love the clever references. The concept is totally dated, obviously, but it’s super-fun to see how much times have changed.

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