James Franco Opens Up About Leaked Instagram Messages On ‘LIVE with Kelly and Michael'

He could have easily done what all other celebrities have and said they were a hoax, hacked, or a marketing ploy to get people talking about Palo Alto, but James Franco went on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael to discuss the awkwardness of online dating and IG hookups.

What do you think?

  • Danielle Kinnaird

    I still think this is just Franco manipulating social media into discussing his new movie…

    • Christian Noel

      LMAO! If it involves Franco, then it’s somehow got to be some sort of academic mind-warp where he plays everyone to his tune. I mean, it’s Franco! If anyone can get away with it and still retain their “cool”–some would argue that he got cooler because of it–it would be James Franco. Player, play on!

  • Maura Lewis

    I don’t think it’s that big a deal. They didn’t meet and the young girl seemed to be almost provocing him throughout the conversation. He handled it really well and I hope people can just learn from it.

    • Panda Olivera

      Nah man, she was a tad uncomfortable, the only part where your statement could be remotely true was when he asked if she’s got a boyfriend and she says something like not if you’re there or something, which was clearly on the jokey part, or a way to express how weird/awesome she thinks it is that he’s talking to her. other than that, people claiming she was provoking him and saying he handled it well is just a sad, classic manifestation of a victim-blaming society.

  • Azra K

    Blaire Bercy, I WANT YOUR JOB!!!

  • Kara Johnson Miller

    He’s always been a creep in my opinion, this just solidified it. The girl said she was 17 and THEN he asked (very aggressively, I might add) if he could meet up with her. There was no apology on his LIVE! appearance, just him saying it’s awkward! I’m a movie star! Social media is hard! And he’s new to it? No, no. Bye bye.

  • Gracie Frick

    Gotta say, I’ve always thought he was a bit strange, but I’ve gained more repsect for Mr. Franco after this…

  • Shar Rowell

    This doesn’t happen to everyone, Kelly. It happens to creeps. And James Franco is indeed a creep. He was aggressive and rude and dismissive until she complied and requested a photo of him with her name on a piece of paper…nope. What a loser! “Trying to meet someone” he meets people ALL THE TIME in his profession. He couldn’t try to meet someone his age, had to be someone young & impressionable. Shame on you, James Franco!

  • Amanda Wolfe

    I think it was a good move for him to even want to bring it up and talk about it. He could have told the producers that he didn’t want to go into it, but he decided to own up to his mistakes. What he did was pretty dumb, but he got caught and owned up to it. I have some respect for him for that.

  • Becky Simmers

    Borderline pedophile. Boycott the creep.

  • Iuliana Mindru

    I think he reacted like most men would(unfortunately): “ME douchey caveman, you pretty girl….HOTEL NOW!” The problem here is that he’s a famous douche, which brought him under the scrutiny of the entire Franco hater/fan-base. Of course it’s very likely that the whole thing was a publicity stunt…

  • Dawn Early

    Seriously? This just SCREAMS PR stunt for Palo Alto.

  • Ashley Scarpita

    ?? ” you never know who’s on the other end”??

    She old him how old she was, and he continued to ask her to meet up with him. He knew exactly who was on the other end.

  • Ashley Scarpita


  • Paula Beaton

    I think people take this way too seriously… She’s the one who tagged him and initiated chat with him. Perhaps they just liked each other?

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  • Jenn Ken

    Not admitting it was a publicity stunt makes sure that people keep talking about it. Good move Franco.

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  • Kara Elise Petruzzo

    Hah…couldn’t help myself

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