Jaaam is the New Jam

‘Jaaam (The Fresh Prince Remix)’ is the latest from our BFF DJ, Pogo, who brought you all of those incredible Disney and Pixar Remixes in 2011. Apparently he’s on to bigger and better things, like remixing the ’90s. Whoa – trust me, I know. It’s going to be really tough to remix a decade.  Probably really overwhelming, in fact.  I’m glad Pogo grounded himself and started with an all time fave, The Fresh Prince.

We all know the words to the original theme song, right?  Alright- maybe not everyone knows them…like Queen Elizabeth II, Dick Cheney and Nelson Mandela – just random examples. I mean, c’mon, they probably don’t know the words.

I obviously want all three of those individuals to know the lyrics because that would be just really awesome. That’s actually now my new favorite game. “People Who You Wish Knew The Fresh Prince Lyrics, But Probably Don’t” game. Go on, give it a try.

Anyway, no one needs to know the lyrics to ‘Jaaam’ because it’s nothing like the television theme song. Pogo mixes all sorts of soundbites and clips from the show into one fantastic song.  I love listening and watching – counting the two Vivian Banks that were on the show , hearing the bites from Carlton and best of all, listening to Geoffrey say “Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

I hope that Pogo’s ’90s adventure continues. I wouldn’t hate some remixes with the following shows:

-Who’s the Boss
-Growing Pains
-Boy Meets World
-Full House
-Saved by the Bell
-The Adventures of Pete & Pete
-Clarissa Explains It All

What other ’90s TV show remixes do you want to hear?