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Why I've Learned To Love Being Awkward

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However, it is possible to be awkward and confident at the same time. Look at Ellen. Her entire stand-up routine is basically about being awkward, but she clearly does what she does with confidence, self-love, and love for others.


(Ellen is sort of my hero.)

So, to my awkward sisters and brothers, I salute you. And I say embrace your awkwardness. Stand up and fall down and laugh and stand up again and say, “Well, you know.”

Sara Crawford is a writer and musician from Atlanta, Georgia. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans. Her debut young adult novel is called “The Muses.” Her two best friends are her cats, Frank and Julian, and she has a big tattoo of Morrissey on her leg, which frequently gets mistaken for Elvis. Have a look at her blog!

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  • Gabriela Sosa

    I needed this today. Thank you.

  • Caroline De Voecht

    fellow awkward person says hi! :)

  • Leslie Ake

    Yesss much awkward love to ya!

  • Sara Crawford

    Reading all of the comments here and on Facebook have made me really happy. I am so glad there are so many other people who understand what it is like to be an “awkward person.” Embrace the awkward! <3

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