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It's Wednesday and You Can Cry If You Want To; Plus, Single Girls Live Chat Tonight!

Okay, I’m changing it up this week. The theme of these guides are usually me trying to inspire you to feel okay about yourself even if you’re single. To inspire you to not spiral into that sad person who lingers at a table in Starbucks just so they aren’t alone at their house. But today things are different. Today I’m going to let you feel sorry for yourself.

I complained to my dad the other day about something that felt important to me and his response was the same as it is a lot. He said, “Hey, at least it’s not cancer.” I get really annoyed when he says that, because obviously I know that me and my friend being in a fight is not as important as if I had a brain tumor. I know it’s a complaint that may not always get your full attention, but sometimes I don’t want to hear how minimal my problems are. I want to have a temper tantrum and just have you listen and say, “I get it. She sounds like a real bitch.”

So, I’m doing that for you today. I’m always filling you up with all the reasons why you have to look at your situation from another angle, a more positive angle. About how you’re just standing too close to the issue to really see it, that you need to enjoy being alone and how if you keep looking on everyone else’s plate, your food is gonna get cold. And all of that is TRUE. But everyone needs a break every now and then. Everyone needs to get to just be an assh**e.

I can’t deny it, the world was built for two (heard that in a new Taylor Swift song today). And its hard when you’re just one. It sucks going to dinner alone. It’s only charming for the first hour of the movie you’re seeing by yourself; walking back to your car is just sad. Being sick when you’re alone? Sucks. Being sad when you’re alone? Sucks. Missing someone when you’re alone? Sucks. Getting an engagement invitation in the mail when you’re alone? Sucks. Running into your ex when you’re alone? Sucks. Being lonely when you’re alone? SUCKS!

We want to be strong and independent and modern, and crying about not having a husband just doesn’t fit into this image we’ve worked so hard for. But ya know what? You’ve been doing a great job. You’re killing it at the whole strong, independent, modern thing and you’re allowed to admit that sometimes you just wish you could share it all with some unappreciative, emotionally bankrupt, snoring, farting, husband. It’s okay to want that. And if that’s not your type, it’s okay to want something else, too. It’s okay to want something that you don’t have right now. As long as you’re willing to pull yourself out of it soon, or let me pull you out of it, until then I give you permission to not hold yourself together all the time.

Complain to your friends, cry, listen to intense love songs, feel sorry for yourself, wish bad things on your selfish friends who are happy. It won’t mean you’ve lost the battle. It doesn’t mean you’re needy and dependent. It just means your human and you’ll get back up when you’re ready (probably around Wednesday, when I post a guide more fierce than this one).

Give yourself a break already. I’ll totes forgive you for moping around and being lonely. I mean, I can’t relate to it because I’m so evolved its NUTS, but I bet you’re going to be fine.

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