It's Okay…It's Only A Dream!

After reading Sarah Heyward’s Item of the Day yesterday, I got to thinking – for the last few nights I’ve had the same dream about my teeth falling out (which I might add, I’ve had on many occasions before).  It’s really awful – I wake up  in sheer panic, frantically checking that my teeth are still there!  In this dream I seem to have the compulsion to literally push my teeth out with the tip of my tongue – I swear, my teeth fall out like my gums are made out of butter! I then proceed to catch said teeth in my cupped hands.  I mean, I know I love cheese but come on, why do you haunt me so?

I also have another recurring dream which involves a mouse that decides to run up the outside wall of my house, enters my bedroom through an open window and then simply sits there staring at me from the windowsill – then the dream ends. Weird, huh?  Do you have a recurring dream?  We would like to know – which recurring dream wakes you from your slumber night after night? Pick from some of the suggestions in the poll here and tell us your own dream experiences in the comments section below.

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