It's National Doppelganger Day!Jessica Tholmer

From Wikipedia (duh):

“In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger (German for look-alike, literally a “double goer”) (pronounced [ˈdɔpəlˌɡɛŋɐ] ( listen)) is a paranormal double of a living person.”

(Why did teachers always tell me not to use “Wikipedia” for stuff? They know everything!)

Okay, but anyway, today is National Doppelganger Day. How NOT coincidental that National Doppelganger Day comes the same week that my personal doppelganger had a birthday!

In case you missed it:


But I also get: Sandra Bullock, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones, Raven Symone and Jordin Sparks:

...I WISH.


Okay, so tell me, tell me! Who is your doppelganger??

(For the record, everyone thinks biracial women all look the same, so I wish I actually looked like any of the above women.)

Jordin image via People

  • Ashton Collinson

    I used to get Dita Von Tease all the time but I think that’s more to do with my curves then my face. I also used to have jet black hair and I’m pale but her face is way more defined then mine!

  • Juliette Skaï

    I’m really proud about this one, even though I try NOT to believe it : Emma Stone. Thank you people around me for being so kind.

  • CM Hogsett

    All through college I got called Scully. Especially if I wasn’t wearing my glasses. The nickname stuck and friends from college days still call my Scully on a regular basis.

  • Deborah Lynn

    I get “That computer Girl from Criminal Minds” ALL the time (like, ridiculous amounts) even though she and I don’t even have the same hair color. From time to time I will also get Neve Campbell

  • Leandra Medina

    I’ve been told Renee Zellweger. But probably more like the briget jones’ diary version. And a slightly less severe squinty face.

  • Daryl Wood

    When I had dark blonde/brown hair, I used to get told Charlotte Church, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Miley Cyrus?! Charlotte Church the most, it became almost predictable at one point that if I wore my hair curly, someone would say it. Never saw it myself though!

  • Megan Joy

    I get Kristen Bell when my hair is blonde, and Kate Beckinsale when my hair is brown. So strange since those two people look nothing alike lol

  • Meaghan Beese

    From the teens and younger, I constantly get Payton from Dance Moms. But from the older crowd, I’m told I look like Anne Hathaway.

  • Katherine Ethridge

    Ever since I started youtube, my subscribers have told me: Saoirse Ronan (I’ve gotten this one in person, too), Taylor Swift (no idea where they get this one from), and “a female version of Ed Sheeran” (LOL.) ^.^ In high school I used to get Sarah Gilbert. “You look like Darlene from Roseanne!” Lol.

  • Kristen Coconis

    Lana Del Rey!

  • Una Kavazović

    My friends told me that I look like Claire Forlani, but I don’t see it. :)

  • Jen Mello

    I think mine is also Jordin Sparks. I look weird cuz I was talking, but look:

  • Dana Denorcy

    Ive gotten Mila Kunis and Jessie J.

  • Diana Martinez

    Gwen Stefani or Marilyn Monroe…once when I had dark hair I was told I look like Betty Boop…weird.

    • Sharn Cross

      Not being a creep, but I literally thought that one of your profiles pictures was Gwen Stefani, how odd!

    • Melissa Meyer

      I totally see Marilyn, your profile pictures all look so darn classy.

  • Thomas Woods

    I’m told all the time I look like Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Jessica Hazen

    I am CONSTANTLY being told that I look like Zooey Deschanel. Even though if you click on my profile, you will see most pictures with my bangs swept to the side, I do that on my lazy days. And for some reason I have more pictures on my lazy days than normal ones! I’ve also been told that I look like Sheldon’s assistant (Alex Jensen) from the Big Bang Theory.

  • Elle Kay

    Marina from Marina and the Diamonds and Lauren Conrad. even though the two of them look nothing alike.

  • Melissa Meyer

    In the past week I’ve been told I look like Zooey Deschanel 3 times. That makes 26 times in the past three years, and those are only the people who have actually told me.
    Just yesterday this guy came up to me and hes like, “do you watch New Girl?” apparently I gave him a face because he followed up with “you already know what I’m going to say, don’t you?”
    I’ve come to accept this.

    • Melissa Meyer

      It really doesn’t help that we have a similar voice too… I just wish I could sing!

      • Diana Martinez

        Just saw your photos (not a creep, promise!) and you SO do look like her, it’s crazy! I bet you get stopped all the time, lol.

  • Irene Tuasela

    Jennifer Aniston. Everywhere I go! :)

  • Lara Klinger

    I get Kirsten Dunst all the time! ;-)

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