It's My Birthday And I'll Cry If I Want To

My birthday is in less than two weeks ago (Oct 30th) and I’m turning 30! I’m actually really excited to be considered a grown woman and I’m pretty sure that being in my thirties means that I am one finally. But I also am on the verge of tears daily about my birthday. It’s not the age part, it’s the expectations part. I have gone from being so grateful for all my friends to seriously considering ending all my friendships. I didn’t say I was a stable human! I am constantly filled with emotions and they usually are intensified around my birthday time. Why can’t I just show up to my own surprise party? Is that really too much to ask for?  I think that’s truly the best part of being a kid, someone just always takes care of your birthdays and gets you cake. If I could just have a toddler-themed party, I would be more than happy. Pinata me up, guys!

Reasons why it’s okay to cry on your birthday:
1. You want the day to be perfect and then you realize it probably won’t be.
2. Friends and Family are selfish (but also, really not).
3.You always think you would do more for others than they would do for you (and you probably will, so accept it).
4. You have to dress up.
5. Someone doesn’t call you or e-mail or Twitter you and it pisses you off.
Reasons why I won’t cry this year and just be cranky (for 20 mins, then get a life, Sophia!):
1. I have great friends and family. We all do. We all have at least one person and if you don’t, I WILL BE YOUR PERSON.
2. It’s just another day of the year. Let’s be real. Just maybe a little extra special because you will get to have cake.
3. I have cried so much the past weeks and now I’m ready to be over it.
4. I realized I am a control freak and probably wouldn’t want planning my own party to go any other way.
Any birthday party suggestions that don’t involve a ton of logistics, please send my way.
Also, tell me if you cry about your birthday, too. Don’t make me feel more alone.
Also, I just love the Lesley Gore song ‘It’s My Party And I’ll Cry if I Want To’.  But who doesn’t?
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