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It's Finally Spring

The weather in New York this week has been amazing. There is sun and blooming flowers. The blue sky is visible and so is my pale irish skin. It’s finally springtime! I know this mostly because I took up my usual spring activity of sitting inside on my computer and saying “I really should go outside, it’s so nice out.”

Anyway, I’m mostly excited that it’s spring time because it marks iced coffee season, only a few more weeks in my school semester, and every store emailing me about their new spring collection (none of which I can afford).

Compromising Me- William Beckett

Same Mistake- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Up Up Up- Givers

Wrapped In Piano Strings- Radical Face

Young Blood- Birdy

I Was Made For Sunny Days- The Weepies

So American- Portugal. The Man

Ridin’ In My Car- She & Him

Lost In My Mind- The Head And The Heart

In Your Light- Gotye

Punching In A Dream- The Naked And Famous

Fire Fly- Childish Gambino

What songs remind you of spring? Share in the comments below on on the forums here!

  • Bethany Turner

    Ooh what a lovely playlist :) “Lingering Still” by She & Him always reminds me of spring and “I Want You” by Bob Dylan. Really, any Dylan makes me want to hop in a car and drive around the country watching flowers bloom.

    I love spring :)

  • Holly Little

    Right now, my favorite ‘springtime-feel’ song is Brand New Day, by Trevor Hall. Love.

  • Kayleigh Shuler

    “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates, “So Let Us Create” by JukeBox the Ghost. Thanks for the playlist!

    • Anonymous

      that hall & oates song makes me so happy I want to dance like Joseph Gordon

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