It's Award Season Time!

It’s official, award season is in full swing. It began with the Emmys last month, where we could see one of our fearless founders Sophia Rossi sitting smack dab behind Kevin Costner. I had the fortune of attending an Emmy swag party hosted by the fabulous Doris Bergman. Doris has been throwing these bashes for a few years. Besides hosting a great party with some cool swag, there is always a charity drive. This time it was for Save the Children. I love these parties because A) it’s for a good cause B) I get free stuff like chocolate wine and C) celebs joke around with me on my red carpet. Emmy nominee Jason Ritter  was a total sweetheart, as was Wilfred‘s Fiona Gublemann  (even though she referred to my red carpet as a bathmat) and The Voice‘s Jamar Rogers serenaded me upon request!  The big highlight was the hilarious and talented Emmy nominated Dot Marie Jones. We’ve run into each other a few times and have become quite chummy… so chummy in fact that in the midst of my excitement I clocked her in the jaw with my microphone.  The video below shows all of this and more. Next stop, Golden Globes?

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