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I like to think of myself as a creative person and someone who looks for creativity in other people as a good sign that we might get along.  I do have to give today’s W&C author some credit for stepping outside of the conventional format for how these strange email introductions are usually sent my way with his A through Z approach.  Well, actually, it’s more like A through Y since Z is conspicuously absent from his version of the alphabet.  For all of his creative prowess, however, I can’t say that this is really the best way to try and get to know someone and the end result is still the same… me = totally confused but highly entertained.

Take a gander at the list below and I think you’ll agree this is a really weird way to introduce yourself to someone, and weirder still are his associative letter choices.  I get the feeling this one is what we like to call a “Euro” because of his references to racing, the spelling of the word favourite and his assumption that I would want to talk about and/or know what “french knickers” are.  R is for Racing…Rally or F1?  You know I’m from Miami dude, how about R is for Rap Artist…Biggie or Tupac?  E is for Easter Egg…which is your favourite?  What in the world could that possibly even mean? And by far the funniest one – Q is for Question!  Isn’t every single thing in this list a question?

Really we could go letter by letter to break down and marvel at the awesomeness of this master list of strange…but I think I’ll just let you guys see for yourself and decide which letters are your personal favourite.


Subject: Hi how you doing 

Hi how you doing I’m R——, I liked your profile so I thought I’d drop you a message to say hello and I was just wondering……………………….

A – Attractiveness….how would you rate yourself out of 10?
B – Bum, Chest, Arms on a man?
C – Cars – What is your dream car?
D – Dogs….if you could have a dog which breed would you go for?
E – Easter Egg…which is your favourite?
F – Family…how many brothers and sisters do you have?
G – Geek….what’s your geekiest quality?
H – Holidays…..where would you love to go if money was no object?
I – Interesting fact about you?
J – Juice…orange or apple & blackcurrant?
K – Kid…what’s your favourite memory from childhood?
L – Live for the moment? Or plan for the future?
M – Music…what’s your favourite type?
N – Naughty or Nice?
O – Opinionated or Placid?
P – Party or Night in?
Q – Question….what is your favourite colour?
R – Racing – Rally or F1?
S – Style…how would you describe yours?
T – Type…what’s your ideal man like?
U – Unique or a sheep?
V – Vocation…what would be your ideal job?
W – Welshmen or Englishmen?
X – Rated…. Commando, thongs, big knickers or French knickers?
Y – Yolk (egg)….soft or hard?

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