Item of the Day: Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask from

My friend lives in Canada and when his wife went to visit her family in the US, he had had this horse head mask delivered to her family’s home so that she could take it back to Canada with her (I guess the company didn’t deliver to Canada?  Or, if it did, it was too pricey?).  Anyways, he bought the horse head mask because it was advertised as being very “realistic”.  Not sure how customs took that at the airport, but I hope they were at least entertained!  This thing is so for real that it made her family look like backwards centaurs.  Check it out:

Horse Head Mask. You can play badminton, ride bikes, do yoga, and romance in it!

Freak people out at a party, or work it on Halloween! Play badminton, ride bikes, do yoga, or romance in it!  (Kidding- that’s weird – do NOT romance in it unless you have some horse fetish). Haha…ew.  Anywho, buy your horse head mask at today!  (After I’ve made you feel all weird about it).