Item of the Day: Zoya Nail Polish

Before I tell you about today’s must-have item, you must first agree to not hate me for what I’m about to disclose. Okay, are we good?

My mom is a professional manicurist.

I know, I know, this puts me in the upper echelon of spoiled brattery. But I can’t help that I was born to a “European-born nail magician” (which is how a Harper’s BAZAAR beauty reviewer referred to her, circa 1988).

But I do receive cuticle treatments and polish changes on demand when I’m close to home and that’s kind of ridiculous. I’m hoping to compensate for my unfair advantage in the nail game by sharing mom’s favorite product with all of you.

Long before I spotted Zoya Nail Lacquers in chic salons or on Whole Foods shelves, I remember seeing bottles of the stuff all around my house. My parents met Michael Reyzis and his wife Zoya back in Russia when he was an advanced chemist and she was a classical pianist. When Zoya switched gears and earned her Cosmetology license, she quickly realized how downright crappy (and toxic) most products were. Thankfully, her scientist hubby set his sights on developing a line of awesome, toxin-free items and the namesake line of polish was born.

I always thought of Zoya products as our family friends’ hidden beauty business gem, until I saw it in stores. Fancy stores. And when I received a tiny sample in my monthly Birchbox, I knew Michael and Zoya had seriously hit it big. And righfully so — their polish palette contains just about every color under the sun and all the products are formaldehyde, toulene, dibutyl pthalate and camphor-free. And they were free of those things before it was trendy and profitable to be free of those things.

Not to mention @Zoya_NailPolish has over 48,000 Twitter followers. And more than 104,000 Facebook users have liked the Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments page. I guess the family secret’s out.

Check out Michael and Zoya’s other great Art of Beauty products too. I recommend you call and order the Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm. Tell them Michelle says hi.

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