ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Zombies, Run!Mary Dacuma

I’m not a runner. It’s really an issue of motivation. I know, I know, health, strength, self-confidence, etc. Whatever. I’m most effective either running to something, like an ice cream truck, or from something, like zombies.

That’s why “Zombies, Run!” is so wonderful. “Zombies, Run!” is mobile app game that gives your run a fun purpose. In this game you are Runner #5, assigned to collect badly needed supplies for your post-apocalyptic commune, Abel Township. You don’t have to run on a track or in any particular direction. You just have to keep moving. And once the zombies come after you, you’d better move faster. The narration is detailed enough that you don’t have to look at your phone while running. And while the narrator isn’t talking, the app syncs up to your personal music library.

Each time you run, you are assigned a different mission. In addition to collecting supplies, you also learn more about the story of Abel Township, how the zombie apocalypse came about and how people are dealing in the post-apocalyptic world. There’s romance, intrigue and the threat of imminent death (and un-death). And everyone has a British accent! It’s awesome.

Once you have completed your run, you allocate the supplies you’ve collected to the various members of your community, kind of like Farmville or Oregon Settlers. You can also Tweet your results or post them to Facebook. Because let’s face it – if your friends don’t know you worked out, why bother? Each completed mission unlocks new missions, which keeps things fresh.

Overall, this is a great tool for aspiring runners as well as non-aspiring runners like me who really just want to justify having spam and eggs for dinner. Plus, between this and my obsession with “The Walking Dead” I am going to be super-ready, both physically and mentally, for the zombie apocalypse. You are so going to want me in your commune.

At $7.99 this is expensive for an app. But in the larger scheme of things it’s not that bad. I figure it’s the price of that last cocktail that maybe I shouldn’t be having, anyway. And by the time the zombie virus goes airborne, you’ll realize it was money well-spent.

Image from Zombies, Run!

  • Christina Boucher

    I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead too, so naturally, I love this.

  • Brittany Woodell

    I got this game last week, and while I haven’t actually gone running with it yet, I’ve used it on my walk home from work a few times. I have to say, it’s actually really fun if you’re into zombies or games. Like you said, this game is about motivating you. It motivates you to get off the couch and go pick up some “supplies” to build up your base during a run (or even a walk). And then, it motivates you to keep moving one you’re out there. The zombie noises and the guy in your ear saying “oh no, there’s a bunch behind you. RUN!” actually makes me want to run – even when I was wearing my office clothes I found myself picking up the pace. I feel like if you don’t like running, but feel like you should, this thing will get you going.

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